The Housing Corporation
of Greater Houston

The Non-Profit Housing Corporation of Greater Houston, formerly called Houston Housing Development Corporation, was formed in 1968 as a private 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to improving housing conditions and conserving neighborhoods.

The Housing Corporation was formed with the intention of being a catalyst between the private and public sectors in order to stimulate the improvement of housing in the Houston area. To achieve this objective, The Housing Corporation sponsors many varieties of housing developments.

Since its establishment in 1968, The Housing Corporation has assisted directly in the construction and rehabilitation of over 8,000 homes for low income Houstonians. It also has taken a leadership role in the community by seeking to increase awareness of housing needs and promoting housing programs and projects.

Professional Staff

Professional Staff

(Pictured, left to right)

Earl W. Hatcher
Executive Director

Linda Holder, NAHP
Executive Supervisor

Tom Forrester Lord

Linda Davidson

Board of Directors

William Hixon

Gary W. Chiles
Vice Chairman

Bob Casey
Lia Johnson
Jim Lemming
Thomas W. Rathjen
David Sanders
Tyler (Ty) Todd Jr.

Advisory Directors

Standford Alexander
The Hon. John W. Peavy, Jr.

Houston Housing Management Corporation

To insure efficient operation of the projects that it developed, in 1973, The Housing Corporation established a management subsidiary, Houston Housing Management Corporation (“The Management Corporation”), which brings business-like procedures and social support services to low income housing communities.

The Management Corporation manages projects with which The Housing Corporation has no ownership affiliation, but which The Housing Corporation played a significant role in developing.

The Management Corporation also has the ability to and does manage other properties of various types.

Houston SRO Housing Corporation

SRO Housing, an activity of The Housing Corporation of Greater Houston, focuses on the housing needs of the homeless, individuals and families with little or no income, and persons affected by HIV/AIDS or related diseases. These persons must have a strong network of supportive services in order to maintain residential stability. Our responsibilities include developing and maintaining a service-enriched environment at each community operated to serve SRO Housing. The properties include single room occupancy housing facilities for formerly homeless individuals and permanent housing communities for individuals and families affected by HIV/AIDS. SRO Housing is a very significant aspect of Houston’s “continuum of care” for the formerly homeless and those affected by HIV/AIDS.