Steve’s Wish List

These are games/events that I am looking for to add to my collection.

NCAA Football

1973 Cotton Bowl: Texas vs. Alabama
1973 Orange Bowl: Nebraska vs. Notre Dame
1975 Cal vs USC (It is out!!)
1975 Ohio State vs. Michigan
1976 Texas vs. Arkansas
1977 Texas vs. Arkansas
1976 Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs. Penn State
1976 USC vs. UCLA
1996 Ohio State vs Wisconsin
1999 Michigan vs Wisconsin

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NCAA Basketball

1974 NC State vs. Marquette
1977 UNC vs. UNLV
1979 NCAA Tournament DePaul vs UCLA
1986 NCAA Tournament NC State vs UALR
1986 NCAA Tournament NC State vs Iowa State
1986 NCAA Tournament Georgia Tech vs Villanova
1987 Xavier vs Nebraska
2005 Louisville @ Marquette (great comeback)

Almost any NCAA Tournament game I do not already have!!

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Any NFL game I do not have where both teams score at least 20 points and the game is competitive
(Don’t like defense and lopsided) LOL

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Any Dr. J game I don’t have

1978 NBA Finals Game #4 (I will take partial)

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1957 WS Games 1 4 or 7 (I know they exsist)
1970 WS Game 2 (includes B.Powell homer)
1972 WS (any complete games)
1985 World Series Games 2,3 and 5
1991 ALCS Games 3 and 5 Twins vs Toronto
1991 NLCS Game #2 Atlanta vs Pittsburgh
1996 NLDS Gm.#2 Atlanta vs Dodgers
2004 NLCS Gm.#5 Astros vs St.Louis

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Any John McEnroe matches I don’t have

2010 Wimbledon Querry vs Malisse

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Maurice Hope vs Herrera

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