NCAA Football

CSN = Classic Sports Network
MASTER = recorded on original game day


Notre Dame vs. Michigan State (ESPN Classic)
Gator Bowl Syracuse vs Tennessee

Test game

testy two
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1967 USC vs. UCLA (OJ Simpson) (better version)
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1968 Rose Bowl USC vs Indiana (game film audio merge)
1968 Orange Bowl: Oklahoma vs. Tennessee
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1969 Rose Bowl: Ohio State vs. USC (CSN)
1969 Rose Bowl: Ohio State vs. USC (complete)
1969 Alabama vs. Ole Miss
1969 Texas vs. Oklahoma
1969 Michigan vs. Ohio State
1969 Texas vs. Arkansas (#1 vs. #2)(MASTER)
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1970 Sugar Bowl: Ole Miss vs. Arkansas (DVD)
1970 Cotton Bowl: Texas vs. Notre Dame (Coaches Film with audio)
1970 Orange Bowl: Penn State vs. Missouri (DVD)
1970 Michigan @ Ohio State (DVD)
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1971 Rose Bowl: Stanford vs. Ohio State (DVD)
1971 Orange Bowl: Nebraska vs. LSU
1971 USC vs. Notre Dame (Notre Dame greatest games)
1971 LSU vs Notre Dame
1971 Penn State vs Tennessee
1971 Alabama vs. USC (Crimson Classics)
1971 Nebraska vs. Oklahoma (#1 vs. #2)
1971 Nebraska vs. Oklahoma (ESPN classic)
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1972 Rose Bowl: Stanford vs. Michigan
1972 Sugar Bowl: Oklahoma vs. Auburn (partial)
1972 Orange Bowl: Nebraska vs. Alabama
1972 Ohio State vs. Michigan (DVD)
1972 Notre Dame @ USc (Notre Dame replay)
1972 Oklahoma @ Nebraska (DVD)
1972 Tennessee vs Georgia (film and audio merge)
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1973 Rose Bowl USC vs. Ohio State
1972 Oklahoma vs. Nebraska
1972 Bluebonnet Bowl Highlights Tennessee vs. LSU
1973 Orange Bowl: Nebraska vs. Notre Dame
1973 Alabama vs. Tennessee (coaches film with audio)
1973 Alabama vs. Tennessee (JIP 2 min. of 2nd qt)
1973 Ohio State vs. Michigan (MASTER)(DVD)
1973 Sugar Bowl: Notre Dame vs. Alabama (#1 vs. #2)
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1974 Rose Bowl: Ohio State vs. USC
1974 Orange Bowl: Penn State vs. LSU (DVD)
1974 Tennessee vs. UCLA (DVD)
1974 Ohio State vs. Michigan (CSN)
1974 Penn State vs Syracuse
1974 Ohio State vs. Michigan (DVD)
1974 Alabama vs. Auburn (Audio and Film Merge)
1974 USC vs. Notre Dame (CSN)

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1975 Sugar Bowl: Nebraska vs Florida (DVD)
1975 Orange Bowl: Notre Dame vs Alabama
1975 Rose Bowl: USC vs. Ohio State
1975 Ohio State vs. Penn State (DVD)
1975 Ohio State vs. UCLA (DVD)
1975 Nebraska vs. Missouri
1975 Penn St. vs. NC State
1975 Pitt vs Notre Dame
1975 Pitt vs Penn State (DVD)
1975 Ohio State vs. Michigan (coaches film with audio) (DVD)

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1976 Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs Penn State (Crimson Classics)
1976 Rose Bowl: UCLA vs. Ohio State
1976 Cotton Bowl: U of H vs. Maryland (missing last 8 minutes)
1976 Orange Bowl: Oklahoma vs. Michigan (DVD)
1976 Ohio State vs. Penn State (Whole Game TCS replay)
1976 Texas vs. Oklahoma
1976 Pitt vs Notre Dame (partial)
1976 South Carolina vs Georgia Tech (coaches Film)
1976 Notre Dame vs. Alabama
1976 Pitt vs Notre Dame (1st half only)
1976 Georgia vs. Florida (JIP 2 min. of 2nd qt.)
1976 Nebraska vs. Oklahoma (last 2 minutes of 1st half and all of 2nd)
1976 Michigan vs Ohio State
1976 Pitt vs. Penn State (1 hour TCS replay)
1976 Bluebonnet Bowl Nebraska vs Texas Tech

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1977 Orange Bowl: Ohio State vs. Colorado (DVD)
1977 Rose Bowl: USC vs. Michigan (CSN)
1977 Rose Bowl: USC vs. Michigan (DVD)
1977 Sugar Bowl: Pitt vs. Georgia (T. Dorsett) (MASTER) (DVD)
1977 Nebraska vs. Alabama (Bear vs. Tom) (MASTER)(DVD)
1977 Oklahoma vs. Ohio State (Barry vs. Woody) (MASTER)(DVD)
1977 Oklahoma vs. Ohio State (CSN)
1977 Michigan vs Texas A&M
1977 Penn State vs NC State
1977 Ohio State vs Iowa (merge)
1977 Texas vs Rice (game film)
1977 Alabama vs. USC
1977 Georgia Tech vs Navy
1977 Texas vs. Oklahoma
1977 Clemson vs. South Carolina
1977 Notre Dame vs. USC (upgrade)
1977 Texas vs. Baylor (DVD) (E.Campbell stars)
1977 Michigan vs. Ohio State
1977 USC vs. UCLA
1977 Texas vs. Texas A&M (Coaches film)
1977 Pitt vs. Penn State
1977 Sun Bowl: Stanford vs LSU

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1978 Bluebonnet: Bowl USC vs. Texas A&M (DVD)
1978 Cotton Bowl: Notre Dame vs Texas
1978 Orange Bowl: Arkansas vs. Oklahoma (DVD)
1978 Rose Bowl: Washington vs. Michigan (MASTER)
1978 Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs. Ohio State (Bear vs. Woody)
1978 Michigan vs. Notre Dame
1978 Alabama vs. Missouri (poor quality)
1978 Notre Dame vs. Pittsburgh (Poor Quality)
1978 Notre Dame @ Michigan State
1978 USC vs. Alabama
1978 Texas vs. SMU
1978 Alabama vs. LSU
1978 Ohio State vs Indiana
1978 Texas vs. Arkansas
1978 Oklahoma vs. Texas (CSN)
1978 Nebraska vs. Oklahoma (B.Sims stars)(MASTER)
1978 USC vs. UCLA
1978 Georgia vs. Georgia Tech (EH)
1978 USC vs. Notre Dame (C.White vs. J.Montana)(upgrade)
1978 Arkansas vs. Texas A&M (great quality)
1978 Texas vs. Texas A&M
1978 Michigan vs Ohio State
1978 Clemson vs South Carolina
1978 Penn State vs. Pitt
1978 Missouri vs Nebraska
1978 Sun Bowl: Texas vs. Maryland (DVD)
1978 Hall Of Fame: Texas A&M vs Iowa State
1978 Bluebonnet Bowl: Stanford vs. Georgia (DVD)
1978 Gator Bowl: Clemson vs. Ohio State (Woody’s last game)(MASTER)

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1979 Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs. Penn State (#1 vs. #2)(MASTER)
1979 Rose Bowl: USC vs. Michigan (CSN)
1979 Cotton Bowl: Notre Dame vs. U of H
1979 Orange Bowl: Oklahoma vs. Nebraska (B.Sims stars)
1979 Texas vs. Oklahoma
1979 USC vs. LSU
1979 Michigan vs. Indiana (EH)
1979 Notre Dame vs. Michigan (CSN)
1979 Alabama vs. Georgia Tech
1979 Nebraska vs Penn State
1979 Ohio State vs Syracuse
1979 Arkansas vs. Texas
1979 USC vs. Notre Dame(upgrade)
1979 Michigan vs. Michigan State
1979 USC vs. Washington
1979 USC vs. Stanford (21-21 tie)
1979 Ohio State vs. UCLA
1979 Alabama vs. Tennessee (DVD)
1979 Ohio State vs. Michigan
1979 Oklahoma vs. Nebraska (B.Sims runs wild)
1979 USC vs. UCLA
1979 Pittsburgh vs. Penn State (CSN)
1979 Miami vs Penn State (SUN)
1979 Alabama vs. Miami
1979 Bluebonnet Bowl: Purdue vs. Tennessee (DVD)
1979 Hall Of Fame : Missouri vs South Carolina
1979 Bluebonnet Bowl: Purdue vs. Tennessee (poor picture)
1979 Gator Bowl: Michigan vs. North Carolina
1979 Sun Bowl: Texas vs. Washington

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1980 Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs. Arkansas
1980 Cotton Bowl: U of H vs. Nebraska (DVD)
1980 Rose Bowl: USC vs. Ohio State (classic game)(MASTER)
1980 Holiday Bowl: BYU vs. SMU
1980 Georgia vs. South Carolina
1980 Nebraska vs. Penn State
1980 South Carolina vs. USC
1980 USC vs Tennessee
1980 Alabama vs Ole Miss
1980 Georgia vs. Tennessee
1980 USC vs. Stanford
1980 Washington vs. Stanford
1980 Ohio State vs Illinois
1980 Notre Dame vs. Michigan
1980 Georgia vs. Florida (H.Walker stars)
1980 Oklahoma vs. Nebraska
1980 UCLA vs. USC
1980 Penn State vs. Pitt
1980 USC vs Arizona State
1980 Georgia vs Auburn
1980 Michigan St. vs. Michigan
1980 Georgia vs Georgia Tech
1980 Oklahoma vs. Texas (CSN)
1980 Sun Bowl: Nebraska vs. Miss. St. (DVD)
1980 Bluebonnet UNC vs Texas (poor quality)
1980 Liberty Bowl: Missouri vs. Purdue
1980 Fiesta Bowl: Penn State vs. Ohio State

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1981 Rose Bowl: Michigan vs. Washington (CSTV)
1981 Sugar Bowl: Georgia vs. Notre Dame (MASTER)
1981 Orange Bowl: Oklahoma vs. FSU (CSN)
1981 USC vs. Oklahoma (#1 vs. #2)
1981 USC vs. Tennessee
1981 Penn State vs. Nebraska
1981 Wisconsin vs Ohio State (Big 10)
1981 Georgia vs Clemson
1981 BYU vs UNLV
1981 Florida State vs Ohio State
1981 Notre Dame vs. Michigan
1981 Miami vs. Penn State (Kelley beats#1)
1981 Florida St. vs LSU
1981 Baylor vs. Arkansas (poor quality)
1981 Minnesota vs Ohio State (Big 10)
1981 Ohio State vs Stanford (CSN)
1981 Texas vs. Oklahoma
1981 Alabama vs. LSU
1981 Ohio State vs. Purdue (DVD)
1981 USC vs. Stanford (Allen vs. Elway)
1981 Georgia vs. Florida (MASTER)
1981 Clemson vs. South Carolina (CSN)
1981 Nebraska vs. Oklahoma
1981 Alabama vs. Penn State (314 for Bear)
1981 Alabama vs. Auburn (Bears 315th) Great quality
1981 USC vs. UCLA
1981 Ohio State vs. Michigan
1981 Georgia vs Georgia Tech
1981 Ohio State vs. Michigan (CSN)
1981 Gator Bowl : North Carolina vs Arkansas
1981 Liberty Bowl: Ohio State vs Navy
1981 Holiday Bowl: BYU vs. Washington St.

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1982 Fiesta Bowl: Penn State vs. USC (CSN)
1982 Orange Bowl: Clemson vs. Nebraska (Clemson wins it all)
1982 Sugar Bowl: Pitt. Vs Georgia
1982 Rose Bowl: Washington vs. Iowa (CSTV)
1982 Cotton Bowl: Texas vs. Alabama
1982 West Virginia vs. Oklahoma (CSN)
1982 Notre Dame vs. Michigan
1982 Stanford vs. Ohio State (Elway stars)(EH)
1982 Penn State vs Maryland
1982 Georgia vs South Carolina
1982 Illinois vs. Wisconsin
1982 UCLA vs Stanford
1982 BYU vs. Baylor (poor quality)
1982 Penn St. vs. Boston College
1982 LSU vs. Alabama (poor quality)
1982 UNC vs Clemson
1982 Clemson vs Maryland
1982 West Virginia @ Pitt (ESPN Class.)
1982 Georgia vs Ole Miss
1982 SMU vs Texas A&M
1982 Georgia vs Kentucky
1982 Georgia vs. Mississippi St.
1982 Nebraska vs. Missouri (DVD)
1982 BYU vs. Georgia
1982 LSU vs. FSU (DVD)
1982 Texas vs. Arkansas
1982 Alabama vs. Penn State
1982 Penn State vs. Nebraska
1982 Auburn vs. Tennessee (Edited Huddles)
1982 Auburn vs. Alabama
1982 SMU vs. Texas
1982 Nebraska vs. Oklahoma
1982 Air Force vs. BYU (S.Young)
1982 Stanford vs. #1 Washington
1982 Cal. vs. Stanford
1982 SMU vs. Arkansas (CSN)
1982 Arkansas vs SMU
1982 Georgia vs. Auburn
1982 USC vs UCLA
1982 USC vs. Notre Dame
1982 Georgia Tech vs. Georgia
1982 LSU vs. Alabama
1982 Georgia vs. Florida
1982 Oklahoma vs. Texas
1982 LSU vs. Tulan
1982 Nebraska vs. Hawaii
1982 Tangerine Bowl: Auburn vs. Boston College Great Copy
1982 Aloha Bowl: Washington vs Maryland
1982 Peach Bowl:Iowa vs Tennessee
1982 Liberty Bowl: Alabama vs. Illinois (Bear’s last game)
1982 Bluebonnet Bowl Arkansas vs Florida

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1983 Fiesta Bowl: Arizona State vs. Oklahoma (CSN)
1983 Cotton Bowl: SMU vs. Pittsburgh
1983 Sugar Bowl: Penn State vs. Georgia
1983 Orange Bowl: Nebraska vs. LSU
1983 Rose Bowl: UCLA vs. Michigan
1983 Nebraska vs. Oklahoma (Great game)
1983 Georgia vs UCLA
1983 Florida State vs LSU
1983 BYU vs Baylor
1983 Auburn vs Kentucky
1983 Ohio State vs Oklahoma
1983 Georgia vs. Clemson (CSN)
1983 BYU vs UCLA (CSN)
1983 Nebraska vs Minnesota
1983 Oklahoma vs Okl. State
1983 Boston College vs. Alabama
1983 Auburn vs. Tennessee (edited huddles)
1983 Texas vs. Auburn (Rare)
1983 Alabama vs. LSU
1983 UCLA vs. Washington
1983 Texas vs. Oklahoma (DVD)
1983 Michigan vs. Washington
1983 North Carolina vs Maryland
1983 Texas vs. SMU
1983 Nebraska vs Missouri
1983 LSU vs. Ole Miss
1983 Penn State vs. Boston College
1983 UCLA vs. Nebraska
1983 Tennessee vs Alabama
1983 Ohio State vs. Iowa
1983 Miami vs Florida State
1983 Air Force vs. Notre Dame (CSN)
1983 Penn State vs. Alabama (Great Game)
1983 Notre Dame vs Penn State
1983 Auburn vs. Georgia #3 vs. #4 battle
1983 Ohio State vs. Michigan
1983 Auburn vs. Alabama (B.Jackson runs wild)
1983 BYU vs. Utah State (S.Young is great)
1983 Texas vs. Texas A&M
1983 Holiday Bowl: BYU vs. Missouri DVD)
1983 Liberty Bowl: Notre Dame vs. Boston College (CSN)
1983 Liberty Bowl: BC vs Notre Dame

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1984 Fiesta Bowl: Ohio State vs Pitt
1984 Cotton Bowl: Georgia vs. Texas
1984 Cotton Bowl: Georgia vs. Texas (DVD)
1984 Sugar Bowl: Auburn vs. Michigan
1984 Orange Bowl: Miami vs. Nebraska (Miami gets first championship)
1984 Miami vs. Florida
1984 Boston College vs. Alabama (Great Game)
1984 Notre Dame @ Michigan State
1984 Penn State vs Maryland
1984 Ohio State vs Purdue
1984 Miami vs. Auburn
1984 LSU vs. Vanderbilt
1984 Washington St. @ Stanford
1984 Clemson vs. Georgia (CSN)
1984 Clemson vs. Georgia Tech (CSN)
1984 Texas vs. Auburn (Incredible copy)
1984 Michigan vs. Miami
1984 West Virginia vs. Penn State (CSN)
1984 Ohio State vs. Illinois
1984 LSU vs. Florida
1984 BC @ Penn State (Big 10)
1984 West Virginia vs. Boston College (CSN)
1984 Texas vs. Oklahoma
1984 Auburn vs. Georgia (Incredible copy)
1984 South Carolina vs Notre Dame
1984 BYU vs. Wyoming
1984 Michigan @ Purdue (edited)
1984 Notre Dame vs. LSU
1984 BYU vs Colorado State
1984 Maryland vs. Miami (MASTER)
1984 Alabama vs. Auburn
1984 LSU vs. Ole Miss
1984 Boston College vs. Miami (Great game)(MASTER)
1984 BYU vs. Utah
1984 LSU vs. Alabama
1984 Clemson vs. South Carolina
1984 Oklahoma vs. Nebraska (CSN)
1984 Ohio State vs. Michigan
1984 Liberty Bowl: Auburn vs. Arkansas (Super Quality)
1984 Gator Bowl: South Carolina vs Oklahoma State
1984 Sun Bowl: Maryland vs. Tennessee
1984 Holiday Bowl: BYU vs. Michigan (National Championship)

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1985 Fiesta Bowl: UCLA vs. Miami
1985 Cotton Bowl: Boston College vs. U of H
1985 Sugar Bowl: Nebraska vs. LSU
1985 Rose Bowl: Ohio State vs. USC
1985 Orange Bowl: Washington vs. Oklahoma
1985 Tennessee vs. Alabama (partial)
1985 Michigan vs. Notre Dame (CSN)
1985 Auburn vs USL
1985 Tennessee vs Auburn
1985 BYU vs. Washington
1985 Texas vs. Stanford
1985 Miami @ Florida (SUN)
1985 Alabama vs. Georgia (DVD)
1985 UCLA vs. BYU (CSN)
1985 BYU vs. Air Force (Bosco vs Weiss)(DVD)
1985 Iowa vs. Michigan State (Classic Game)
1985 Miami vs. Oklahoma
1985 Nebraska vs Oklahoma State
1985 LSU vs Notre Dame
1985 Auburn vs. Florida State (B.Jackson)
1985 LSU vs. Ole Miss (D.Hilliard stars)
1985 Michigan State vs Purdue
1985 Clemson vs North Carolina
1985 Alabama vs. LSU (Great Game)
1985 Florida vs Auburn
1985 Ohio State vs. Iowa
1985 Penn State vs. Alabama
1985 Clemson vs. Virginia (Partial)
1985 Iowa vs. Michigan
1985 Miami vs. Florida State
1985 Auburn vs. Georgia Tech (B.Jackson)
1985 Auburn vs. Georgia (B.Jackson seals Heisman)(DVD)
1985 Maryland vs. Clemson
1985 Alabama vs. Auburn (MASTER)
1985 Michigan vs. Ohio State
1985 Oklahoma vs. Nebraska
1985 Oklahoma vs. SMU
1985 Gator: Florida State vs Oklahoma State

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1986 Fiesta Bowl: Michigan vs. Nebraska (Great Game)
1986 Rose Bowl: UCLA vs. Iowa (CSTV)
1986 Cotton Bowl: Texas A&M vs. Auburn
1986 Sugar Bowl Tennessee vs Miami
1986 Orange Bowl: Oklahoma vs. Penn State (#1 vs. #2) (MASTER)(DVD)
1986 Michigan vs. Notre Dame
1986 LSU vs. Texas A&M (Great Game)
1986 Tennessee vs. UCLA
1986 Nebraska vs. Florida State
1986 Clemson vs. Georgia (CSN)
1986 Miami vs. Oklahoma (MASTER)
1986 Georgia vs. South Carolina (CSN)
1986 Michigan vs. Iowa
1986 Miami vs. Florida State
1986 Auburn vs Florida
1986 Penn State vs. Notre Dame
1986 Texas A&M vs. Baylor
1986 Michigan vs. Florida State
1986 Michigan vs. Ohio State
1986 Georgia vs. Auburn (CSN)
1986 Notre Dame vs. USC (CSN)
1986 Notre Dame vs USC
1986 BYU vs. New Mexico
1986 Clemson vs. Maryland (CSN)
1986 Auburn vs. Alabama
1986 Oklahoma vs. Nebraska
1986 Arizona vs. Arizona State (CSN)
1986 Holiday Bowl: Iowa vs. San Diego St.(CSN)
1986 Holiday Bowl: Iowa vs SDSU (complete)
1986 Hall Of Fame: Georgia vs BC

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1987 Cotton Bowl: Ohio State vs. Texas A&M (MASTER)
1987 Rose Bowl: Arizona State vs. Michigan (CSN)
1987 Sugar Bowl: Nebraska vs. LSU
1987 Fiesta Bowl: Penn State vs. Miami (#1 vs. #2) (MASTER)(DVD)
1987 Notre Dame vs. Michigan State (CSN)
1987 Tennessee vs. Iowa
1987 Nebraska vs. UCLA
1987 Florida vs. LSU
1987 LSU vs. Ohio State
1987 Florida vs. Alabama(DVD)
1987 Clemson vs. Georgia (MASTER)
1987 Tennessee vs. Auburn (Classic tie)
1987 Nebraska vs South Carolina
1987 FSU vs. Miami (MASTER)
1987 Syracuse vs. Penn State
1987 UCLA vs Arizona State
1987 Florida vs Kentucky
1987 LSU vs. Georgia (CSN)
1987 TCU @ Texas
1987 Syracuse vs. West Virginia
1987 Michigan State vs. Michigan
1987 Texas vs. Arkansas (Texas wins on last play)(MASTER)1987 Iowa vs Ohio Stat
1987 Clemson vs. North Carolina (CSN)
1987 Oklahoma vs. Nebraska (CSN)
1987 Penn St. vs. Notre Dame
1987 Texas A&M vs. Texas (CSN)
1987 FSU vs Florida (sunshine network)
1987 Oklahoma vs Okl. State
1987 Ohio State vs. Michigan
1987 USC vs. UCLA (CSN)
1987 Bowl: UCLA vs Florida
1987 Liberty Bowl: Georgia vs. Arkansas (great game)(MASTER)
1987 Bluebonnet Bowl: Texas vs. Pittsburgh(MASTER)
1987 Sun Bowl: Oklahoma State vs. West Virginia (T.Thomas stars)
1987 Holiday Bowl: Iowa vs. Wyoming (CSN)

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1988 Fiesta Bowl: FSU vs. Nebraska (Great game)(MASTER)
1988 Rose Bowl: Michigan state vs. USC(MASTER)
1988 Orange Bowl: Miami vs. Oklahoma (#1 vs #2)
1988 Sugar Bowl: Auburn vs. Syracuse
1988 Hall of Fame Bowl: Michigan vs. Alabama (Great Game)
1988 Georgia vs. Tennessee (MASTER)
1988 Arkansas @ Miami
1988 Notre Dame vs. Michigan (CSN)
1988 BYU vs Texas
1988 UCLA vs. Nebraska (CSN)
1988 USC @ Stanford
1988 Florida vs. LSU
1988 Miami vs. Michigan (great game)(MASTER)
1988 Nebraska vs. Arizona State (MASTER)
1988 Ohio State vs. LSU (great game)
1988 Alabama vs. Kentucky
1988 FSU vs. Clemson (MASTER)
1988 Iowa @ Indiana (Big 10)
1988 LSU vs. Auburn
1988 Oklahoma St. vs. Nebraska
1988 Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State (B. Sanders 200+ yards)
1988 Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma St. (CSN) (DVD)
1988 Notre Dame vs. Miami (MASTER)
1988 Arkansas vs. Houston
1988 LSU vs. Alabama (MASTER)
1988 Washington State vs. UCLA (CSN)
1988 Washington State vs UCLA
1988 West Virginia vs. Penn State
1988 BYU vs. Colorado
1988 Oklahoma vs. Colorado
1988 USC vs. Washington (CSN)
1988 UCLA vs. Washington
1988 USC vs. UCLA
1988 Michigan vs. Ohio State (MASTER)
1988 Washington State vs Washington
1988 Nebraska vs. Oklahoma (defensive gem)(MASTER)
1988 West Virginia vs. Syracuse (CSN)
1988 North Carolina vs. Duke
1988 Auburn vs. Alabama (CSN)
1988 Notre Dame vs. USC
1988 Sun Bowl Alabama vs Army
1988 Freedom Bowl BYU vs Colorado
1988 Holiday Bowl: Oklahoma State vs. Wyoming (CSN)
1988 Independence Bowl Souther Miss vs UTEP
1988 Gator Bowl: Georgia vs. Syracuse (CSN)

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1989 Sugar Bowl: FSU vs. Auburn (CSN)
1989 Rose Bowl: Michigan vs. USC (CSN)
1989 Orange Bowl: Miami vs Nebraska
1989 Fiesta Bowl: Notre Dame vs. West Virginia
1989 Southern Miss vs. FSU (B.Favre)
1989 Florida vs. New Mexico State (E.Smith 300+ yards)
1989 BYU vs. Oregon (Classic Game)
1989 Notre Dame vs. Michigan (MASTER)
1989 FSU vs Miami
1989 Washington St. vs. BYU (Great shootout)(MASTER)
1989 Pitt vs. West Virginia (great comeback)(MASTER)1989 Arkansas vs Rice
1989 Oklahoma vs Iowa State
1989 Miami vs. Michigan State (MASTER)
1989 Alabama vs. Ole Miss
1989 USC vs. Washington St.
1989 FSU vs. Syracuse
1989 Illinois vs Indiana (Big10)
1989 LSU vs. Florida
1989 Ohio State vs. Minnesota (Incredible comeback)
1989 Clemson vs. FSU
1989 Ohio State vs. Boston College (Great BC comeback falls short) (MASTER)
1989 Michigan vs. UCLA (Incredible comeback by wolves)(MASTER)
1989 Arizona vs. Washington (MASTER)
1989 Tennessee vs. Auburn (MASTER)
1989 Texas vs. Arkansas
1989 Texas vs. Oklahoma (MASTER)
1989 Tennessee vs. Georgia (MASTER)
1989 Notre Dame vs. USC (MASTER)(DVD)
1989 Alabama vs. Tennessee (shootout) (MASTER)(DVD)
1989 Alabama vs. LSU
1989 Alabama vs Penn State (Classic game)(MASTER)
1989 FSU vs. Auburn (CSN)
1989 Florida vs. Georgia
1989 Tennessee vs. LSU (Hodson 400+ yards)(MASTER)
1989 Colorado vs. Nebraska (Great Game)(MASTER)1989 BYU vs Utah
1989 Auburn vs. Florida (CSN)
1989 Washington vs. UCLA (CSN)
1989 Arkansas vs. Texas A&M (classic game)(MASTER)
1989 West Virginia vs. Syracuse(MASTER)
1989 Miami vs. Notre Dame
1989 Auburn vs. Alabama (MASTER)
1989 FSU vs. Florida (E.Smith stars)(MASTER)
1989 Air Force vs. Hawaii (great game)
1989 Holiday Bowl: Penn State vs. BYU (Great game)(MASTER)
1989 Sun Bowl: Pitt vs. Texas A&M (great game)(MASTER)
1989 Gator Bowl: Georgia vs. Michigan State

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1990 Citrus Bowl: Illinois vs. Virginia (CSN)
1990 Cotton Bowl: Tennessee vs. Arkansas (C.Webb 240+ yards)(MASTER)
1990 Rose Bowl: USC vs. Michigan
1990 Orange Bowl: Colorado vs. Notre Dame
1990 Sugar Bowl: Miami vs. Alabama(MASTER)
1990 Tennessee vs. Colorado (great shootout)(MASTER)
1990 Colorado vs. Stanford (MASTER)
1990 Florida vs. Alabama
1990 Illinois vs Colorado
1990 Texas vs. Penn State (MASTER)
1990 BYU vs. Miami (great game) (MASTER)
1990 Notre Dame vs. Michigan (Mirer debut) (MASTER)
1990 Georgia vs. Alabama
1990 LSU vs. Georgia
1990 UCLA vs. Stanford (great game) (MASTER)
1990 Notre Dame vs. Michigan State (MASTER)
1990 Florida State vs. LSU
1990 Colorado vs. Washington (MASTER)
1990 Michigan State vs. Syracuse (Classic tie)(MASTER)
1990 Iowa vs. Michigan (Great Game)
1990 Colorado vs. Texas (MASTER)
1990 Ohio State vs. Indiana (Robert Smith stars)(MASTER)
1990 Michigan State vs. Michigan (classic game)(MASTER)
1990 U of H vs. Texas A&M (MASTER)
1990 Auburn vs. FSU (MASTER)
1990 Penn State vs. Syracuse
1990 Colorado vs. Missouri (famous 5th down)(MASTER)
1990 Texas vs. Oklahoma (MASTER)
1990 Notre Dame vs. Miami
1990 Arizona @ UCLA (ESPN Class.)
1990 Texas vs. U of H (MASTER)
1990 Colorado vs. Oklahoma (MASTER)
1990 Georgia Tech vs. Virginia (Great Game)(MASTER)1990 Texas vs TCU
1990 UCLA vs. Washington (big upset)(MASTER)
1990 Penn State vs. Notre Dame
1990 Texas vs Texas Tech
1990 Notre Dame vs. Tennessee (Great Game)
1990 Maryland @ Virginia
1990 Texas vs. Texas A&M (great game)(MASTER)
1990 Michigan vs. Ohio State (MASTER)
1990 USC vs. UCLA (Incredible game)(MASTER)
1990 All American Bowl: Southern Miss. vs. NC State (Favre)
1990 Peach Bowl: Auburn vs. Indiana (Trent Green stars)(MASTER)
1990 Sun Bowl: Michigan St. vs. USC(MASTER)
1990 Blockbuster Bowl: FSU vs. Penn State (MASTER)(DVD)
1990 Freedom Bowl: Colorado State vs. Oregon (great game)(MASTER)

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1991 Rose Bowl: Washington vs. Iowa (CSN)
1991 Citrus Bowl: Georgia Tech vs. Nebraska (G.T. wins part of championship) (MASTER)(DVD)
1991 Orange Bowl: Colorado vs. Notre Dame (Col wins National Champ.) (MASTER)
1991 Sugar Bowl: Tennessee vs. Virginia (Great game)(MASTER)
1991 UCLA vs. BYU (Maddox vs. Detmer)(MASTER)
1991 Baylor vs. Colorado (MASTER)
1991 Illinois vs East Carolina (Big 10)
1991 Tennessee vs. Auburn (MASTER)
1991 Stanford vs. Notre Dame (MASTER)
1991 Georgia Tech vs Virginia(MASTER)
1991 Florida vs. Tennessee
1991 Rice vs. Baylor (MASTER)
1991 USC vs Washington State
1991 Illinois vs. Ohio State (MASTER)
1991 Iowa vs. Illinois (MASTER)
1991 Washington vs. Nebraska (MASTER)
1991 Michigan vs. Notre Dame (Howard catch)(MASTER)
1991 Tennessee vs. Miss. St. (MASTER)
1991 FSU vs. Michigan (great game)(MASTER)
1991 Texas vs. Oklahoma (MASTER)
1991 Michigan vs. Indiana (D.Howard stars)(MASTER)
1991 Arkansas vs. Texas (MASTER)
1991 California vs. UCLA (MASTER)(DVD)
1991 Washington vs. California(MASTER)
1991 California vs. USC (MASTER)
1991 Miami vs. Penn State (CSN)
1991 Ohio State vs. Minnesota (blowout)
1991 Texas vs Texas Tech
1991 Alabama vs. Tennessee (MASTER)
1991 Ohio State vs. Iowa (Incredible ending)(MASTER)
1991 Notre Dame vs. USC (MASTER)
1991 Alabama vs. LSU (MASTER)
1991 Nebraska vs. Kansas (C.Jones 240+ yards)(MASTER)
1991 Georgia vs. Auburn (E.Zeier stars)(MASTER)
1991 Ohio State vs. Indiana (MASTER)
1991 Miss State vs. Auburn Master
1991 Tennessee vs. Notre Dame
1991 Nebraska vs. Colorado (tie in the snow)(MASTER)
1991 Ohio State vs. Michigan
1991 Miami vs. FSU (#1 vs. #2) (MASTER)
1991 Miami vs. Boston College (MASTER)
1991 BYU vs. San Diego State (51 to 51 tie)(MASTER)
1991 Nebraska vs. Oklahoma (MASTER)
1991 Georgia vs. Georgia Tech (partial)
1991 Ohio State @ Michigan
1991 FSU vs. Florida
1991 Aloha Bowl: Georgia Tech vs. Stanford (CSN)
1991 Holiday Bowl: BYU vs. Iowa (CSN)

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1992 Peach Bowl: East Carolina vs. NC State (great game)(MASTER)
1991 Blockbuster Bowl: Alabama vs. Colorado
1992 Rose Bowl: Washington vs. Michigan(MASTER)
1992 Sugar Bowl: Notre Dame vs. Florida(MASTER)
1992 Orange Bowl: Miami vs. Nebraska (CSN)
1992 Ohio State vs. Louisville(MASTER)
1992 San Diego State vs. USC (M.Faulk stars)(MASTER)
1992 California vs. Kansas (MASTER)
1992 Michigan vs. Notre Dame (MASTER)
1992 West Virginia vs. Maryland
1992 Georgia Tech vs. Clemson (MASTER)
1992 Tennessee vs. Georgia (MASTER)
1992 Syracuse vs. Texas (MASTER)
1992 FSU vs. Clemson (MASTER)
1992 BYU vs. Penn State
1992 BYU vs. San Diego State (M.Faulk runs wild)(MASTER)
1992 Auburn vs. LSU (MASTER)
1992 North Carolina vs. NC State (N.Means)(MASTER)1992 Boston College vs. Penn State(MASTER)
1992 Colorado vs. Oklahoma (MASTER)
1992 FSU vs. Georgia Tech
1992 Georgia Tech vs NC State
1992 Penn State vs. West Virginia (Jip Missing 1st 5 Minutes)
1992 Miami vs. Penn State (MASTER)
1992 Texas vs. Oklahoma
1992 Texas A&M vs. Texas Tech (MASTER)
1992 Alabama vs. Tennessee
1992 Illinois vs. Ohio State (MASTER)
1992 Rice vs. Baylor (MASTER)
1992 Arkansas vs. Tennessee (upset)(MASTER)
1992 Washington vs. California(MASTER)
1992 Illinois vs. Michigan (MASTER)
1992 South Carolina vs. Tennessee (Taneyhill leads upset)(MASTER)
1992 Texas vs. Houston (shootout) (MASTER)(DVD)
1992 Georgia vs. Auburn (Great goal line stand by Dawgs)(MASTER)
1992 Florida vs. Georgia (MASTER)
1992 Florida vs. Southern Mississippi(MASTER)
1992 Clemson vs. Virginia (amazing comeback)(MASTER)
1992 Texas A&M vs. Houston (MASTER)
1992 Alabama vs. Miss. St. (Great Game) (MASTER)(DVD)
1992 Syracuse vs. West Virginia
1992 Miami vs. FSU (MASTER)
1992 Nebraska vs. Colorado
1992 Notre Dame vs. Penn State (great game in the snow)(MASTER)
1992 Ole Miss. vs. Miss. St. (Great goal line stand)(MASTER)
1992 North Carolina vs. Duke (Great Game) (MASTER)(DVD)
1992 Miami vs. Syracuse (MASTER)
1992 Georgia vs. Georgia Tech ( Hearst and Zeier)(MASTER)
1992 UCLA vs. USC (MASTER)
1992 Washington State vs. Washington (Bledsoe vs Brunell)
1992 Ohio State vs. Michigan (tie game)(MASTER)
1992 Notre Dame vs. USC (R.Brooks runs wild)(MASTER)
1992 SEC Championship Alabama vs. Florida(MASTER)
1992 Aloha Bowl Kansas vs. BYU(MASTER)1992 Independence Bowl Oregon vs Wake Forest
1992 Peach Bowl North Carolina vs. Miss. St.(MASTER)
1992 Copper Bowl Washington State vs. Utah (D.Bledsoe) (MASTER)(DVD)

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1993 Citrus Bowl Georgia vs. Ohio State (MASTER)
1993 Cotton Bowl Notre Dame vs. Texas A&M(MASTER)
1993 Fiesta Bowl Syracuse vs. Colorado(MASTER)
1993 Rose Bowl Michigan vs. Washington(MASTER)
1993 Orange Bowl FSU vs. Nebraska(MASTER)
1993 Sugar Bowl Alabama vs. Miami (#1 vs. #2)(MASTER)
1993 Stanford vs Colorado (great game)(MASTER)1993 BYU vs SDSU
1993 Notre Dame vs Michigan (MASTER)
1993 South Carolina vs Georgia (Great game)(MASTER)
1993 Nebraska vs Texas Tech (EH Husker Video)
1993 Nebraska vs Kansas State (EH Husker Video)
1993 Nebraska vs Kansas (EH Husker Video)
1993 Nebraska vs Iowa State (EH Husker Video)
1993 Florida vs Tennessee (MASTER)
1993 South Carolina vs Kentucky(MASTER)1993 Oregon @ Cal
1993 Penn State vs USC (MASTER)
1993 Miami vs Colorado
1993 West Virginia vs Maryland
1993 Ohio State vs Washington
1993 Fresno State vs BYU
1993 Florida vs Miss. State (MASTER)
1993 Boston College vs Syracuse (Great game)(MASTER)
1993 West Virginia vs Louisville
1993 BYU vs Hawaii
1993 Texas vs Syracuse (MASTER)
1993 Michigan vs Penn State
1993 Stanford vs Arizona (MASTER)
1993 Nebraska vs UCLA (MASTER)
1993 Ohio State vs Michigan State
1993 Texas Tech vs Baylor (MASTER)
1993 Illinois vs Michigan (Great game)(MASTER)
1993 Tennessee vs Arkansas (H.Shuler shines)(MASTER)
1993 Alabama vs Tennessee (Classic tie)(MASTER)
1993 FSU vs Maryland
1993 Ohio State vs Indiana
1993 Ohio State vs Penn State
1993 Colorado vs Kansas St. (MASTER)
1993 Ohio State vs Wisconsin (MASTER)
1993 LSU vs Alabama (partial)
1993 Notre Dame vs FSU (#1 vs #2)(MASTER)
1993 Nebraska vs Colorado (MASTER)
1993 Auburn vs Florida ***NEW***(rare)
1993 Alabama vs Mississippi St. (D.Palmer stars)
1993 West Virginia vs Boston College
1993 Florida vs South Carolina (College flash classic-Partial)
1993 Florida vs Georgia (great game in rain)(MASTER)
1993 Boston College vs Notre Dame (Great game)(MASTER)
1993 Nebraska vs Oklahoma (MASTER)
1993 UCLA vs USC (Great Game)(MASTER)1993 Penn State vs Mich. State
1993 FSU vs Florida ( Great Game)
1993 SEC Champ Florida vs Alabama
1993 Holiday Bowl Ohio State vs BYU
1993 Peach Bowl Clemson vs Kentucky (CSN)

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1994 Cotton Bowl Notre Dame vsTexas A&M (great game)(MASTER)
1994 Rose Bowl Wisconsin vs UCLA(MASTER)
1994 Orange Bowl FSU vs Nebraska (Classic game)(MASTER)
1994 Oklahoma vs Syracuse (CSN)
1994 Auburn vs LSU (partial)
1994 Texas vs. Pitt
1994 Michigan vs Notre Dame
1994 Tennessee vs Miss. St.
1994 Alabama vs Georgia (classic game)(MASTER)1994 Texas @ Rice (ESPN Class.)
1994 Colorado vs Texas (R.Salaam 300+ yards)(MASTER)
1994 Colorado vs Michigan (Incredible finish)
1994 Miami vs FSU (MASTER)
1994 Texas vs Oklahoma (J.Brown leads Texas)(MASTER)
1994 Alabama vs Tennessee (MASTER)
1994 West Virginia @ Pitt
1994 Colorado vs Kansas St. (R.Salaam stars)(MASTER)
1994 Georgia vs Kentucky (MASTER)
1994 Penn State vs Illinois (great game)(MASTER)
1994 FSU vs Notre Dame (MASTER)
1994 Alabama vs Miss. State (great game)(MASTER)
1994 Penn State vs Michigan (great game)(MASTER)
1994 Auburn vs Florida (great game)(MASTER)
1994 Auburn vs Georgia (Super game featuring T.Davis)(MASTER)
1994 TCU vs Texas Tech (MASTER)
1994 Nebraska vs Colorado (MASTER)
1994 Alabama vs LSU
1994 NC State vs Virginia (MASTER)
1994 Ohio State vs Indiana (MASTER)
1994 Alabama vs Auburn (MASTER)
1994 North Carolina vs Duke (MASTER)
1994 Oregon vs Oregon State (CSN)
1994 FSU vs Florida
1994 SEC Champ. Florida vs Alabama(MASTER)
1994 Sun Bowl Texas vs North Carolina(MASTER)1994 Peach Bowl: NC State vs Miss. State
1994 Gator Bowl: Tennessee vs Virginia Tech
1994 Orange Bowl Nebraska vs Miami(MASTER)

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1995 Hall of Fame Bowl Wisconsin vs Duke (T.Fletcher 240+ yards) (MASTER)
1995 Citrus Bowl Alabama vs Ohio State(MASTER)
1995 Cotton Bowl USC vs Texas Tech (CSTV)
1995 Rose Bowl Penn State vs Oregon(MASTER)
1995 Sugar Bowl FSU vs Florida(MASTER)
1995 Michigan vs Virginia (great finish)(MASTER)
1995 Penn State vs Texas Tech(MASTER)
1995 Northwestern vs Notre Dame
1995 Arkansas vs Alabama (Partial)
1995 Tennessee vs Georgia (Manning stars)(MASTER)
1995 Texas vs Pitt (MASTER)
1995 Notre Dame vs Purdue (M.Alsott stars)(MASTER)
1995 Florida vs Tennessee (MASTER)
1995 Notre Dame vs Washington (CSN)
1995 Oregon vs Illinois (MASTER)
1995 Colorado vs Texas A&M
1995 Texas vs Oklahoma (MASTER)
1995 Ohio State vs Notre Dame
1995 Ohio State vs Penn State(MASTER)
1995 USC vs Washington (CSN)
1995 Purdue @ Minnesota (Big10)
1995 Nebraska vs Kansas State
1995 Northwestern vs Michigan (CSN)
1995 USC vs Stanford (MASTER)
1995 Florida vs. Georgia
1995 Oregon vs UCLA
1995 BYU vs Fresno St
1995 Arkansas vs Auburn
1995 Purdue @ Penn State (Big 10)
1995 Notre Dame vs Texas
1995 Michigan State vs Michigan (great game in the snow)(MASTER)
1995 Virginia vs FSU
1995 Nebraska vs Colorado (MASTER)
1995 Florida vs Auburn(csn)
1995 Auburn vs Georgia (MASTER)
1995 Ohio State vs Wisconsin (MASTER)
1995 Tennessee vs Kentucky
1995 Alabama vs Auburn (MASTER)
1995 Virginia Tech vs Virginia
1995 Michigan vs Ohio State (MASTER)
1995 Texas vs Texas A&M (MASTER)
1995 Florida vs FSU (CSN)
1995 Georgia vs Georgia Tech (MASTER)
1995 SEC Championship Florida vs Arkansas(MASTER)
1995 Copper Bowl Texas Tech vs Air Force (B.Hanspard 240+ yards) (MASTER)
1995 Independence Bowl LSU vs Michigan St. (Faulk 200+yards)(MASTER)
1995 Alamo Bowl Texas A&M vs Michigan (CSN)
1995 Peach Bowl Virginia vs Georgia (great game)(MASTER)

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1996 Fiesta Bowl Nebraska vs Florida (#1 vs #2)(MASTER)
1996 Citrus Bowl Tennessee vs Ohio State(MASTER)
1996 Rose Bowl USC vs Northwestern(MASTER)
1996 Orange Bowl FSU vs Notre Dame(MASTER)
1996 BYU vs Texas A&M (great game)(MASTER)
1996 Wake Forest vs Northwestern (D.Autry shines)(MASTER)
1996 Arizona State vs Washington (great shootout)(MASTER)
1996 South Carolina vs Georgia(MASTER)
1996 LSU vs Uof H
1996 Oregon vs Fresno St. (MASTER)
1996 Georgia vs Texas Tech (B.Hanspard 200+ yards)(MASTER)
1996 Wyoming vs Iowa State (Troy Davis stars)(MASTER)
1996 LSU vs Auburn (MASTER)
1996 Florida vs Tennessee (MASTER)
1996 Washington St. @ Oregon
1996 Notre Dame vs Texas (Great game)(MASTER)
1996 Oklahoma vs Texas (Great OT game)(MASTER)
1996 Auburn vs South Carolina(MASTER)1996 Texas @ Virginia
1996 Iowa vs Michigan State (MASTER)
1996 Illinois @ Minnesota (Big 10)
1996 Arizona St. vs USC (J.Plummer stars) (MASTER)
1996 Northwestern vs Wisconsin (great Game) (MASTER)
1996 Tennessee vs Alabama (MASTER)
1996 Florida vs Arkansas
1996 Arizona State vs UCLA (Great game) (MASTER)
1996 Air Force vs Notre Dame (Great game in OT) (MASTER)
1996 Northwestern vs Michigan
1996 Ohio State vs Wisconsin (MASTER)
1996 Iowa vs Penn State (T.Dwight stars)(MASTER)
1996 Colorado vs Texas (MASTER)
1996 Alabama vs LSU (S.Alexander 280+ 4td’s)
1996 USC vs Washington St. (MASTER)
1996 Penn State vs Michigan (MASTER)
1996 Wisconsin vs Penn State (CSN)
1996 Texas vs Texas Tech (MASTER)
1996 Ole Miss vs Georgia (Great game)(MASTER)1996 BYU vs New Mexico
1996 Virginia Tech vs Miami (MASTER)
1996 Texas vs Baylor (MASTER)
1996 Virginia vs North Carolina (CSN)
1996 Georgia vs Auburn (MASTER)
1996 San Diego St. vs Wyoming(MASTER)
1996 FSU vs Virginia (MASTER)
1996 South Carolina vs Clemson
1996 Miami vs Syracuse
1996 BYU vsUtah
1996 Alabama vs Auburn (MASTER)
1996 Texas vs Texas A&M (MASTER)
1996 Nebraska vs Colorado (MASTER)
1996 Washington vs Washington State
1996 FSU vs Florida (#1 vs #2)(MASTER)
1996 Penn State vs Mich. St. (MASTER)
1996 UCLA vs USC (great Ot thriller)(MASTER)
1996 USC vs Notre Dame (great OT game)(MASTER)
1996 Big 12 Championship Texas vs Nebraska(Great upset)(MASTER)
1996 WAC Championship BYU vs Wyoming (Classic OT game)(MASTER)
1996 SEC Championship Florida vs Alabama (Wuerffel is unstoppable) (MASTER)
1996 Aloha Bowl- Navy vs Cal
1996 Ind.Bowl Auburn vs Army (CSN)
1996 Peach Bowl LSU vs Clemson (CSN)
1996 Orange Bowl Nebraska vs Virginia Tech(MASTER)

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1997 Citrus Bowl Tennessee vs Northwestern(MASTER)
1997 Cotton Bowl BYU vs Kansas State(MASTER)
1997 Rose Bowl Ohio State vs Arizona St.(MASTER)
1997 Sugar Bowl Florida vs FSU(MASTER)
1997 NC State vs Syracuse (MASTER)
1997 West Virginia vs East Carolina(MASTER)
1997 Clemson vs NC State (MASTER)
1997 Washington St. vs UCLA (Leaf vs McNown)(MASTER)
1997 Notre Dame vs Georgia Tech(MASTER)
1997 Oklahoma vs Syracuse
1997 Tennessee vs UCLA (P.Manning stars)
1997 South Carolina vs Central Florida (Duante Culpepper)(MASTER)1997 Nebraska vs Central Florida
1997 California vs Oklahoma (classic shootout)(MASTER)
1997 Miami vs Boston College (OT Thriller)
1997 Washington St. vs USC (MASTER)
1997 Florida vs Tennessee (MASTER)
1997 Stanford vs Oregon St. (MASTER)
1997 Pitt vs Miami (MASTER)
1997 Colorado vs. Wyoming (Partial)
1997 Colorado vs. Iowa St. (Partial)
1997 Georgia Tech vs NC State(MASTER)
1997 FSU vs Clemson (MASTER)
1997 Nebraska vs Washington (MASTER)
1997 Texas vs Rice (R.Williams over 200)(MASTER)
1997 Michigan vs Notre Dame (MASTER)
1997 Rice vs Northwestern (Great game)(MASTER)1997 Purdue vs Michigan State (big10 Network)
1997 Wake Forest vs NC State (MASTER)
1997 South Carolina vs Kentucky(MASTER)
1997 LSU vs Florida (LSU beats #1)(MASTER)
1997 Michigan vs Iowa (MASTER)
1997 Arizona State vs Washington State(MASTER)
1997 Texas vs Oklahoma (MASTER)
1997 Wisconsin vs Northwestern (great game)(MASTER)
1997 Stanford vs Oregon (100 points and 1,200 yards)(MASTER)
1997 Oklahoma State vs Colorado (shootout)(MASTER)
1997 Penn State vs Ohio State (Great Game)(MASTER)
1997 Kansas State vs Texas A&M(MASTER)
1997 Missouri vs Oklahoma State (double OT game)(MASTER)
1997 USC vs Notre Dame (MASTER)
1997 Georgia vs Kentucky (MASTER)
1997 Tennessee vs Alabama (CSN)
1997 LSU vs Kentucky (Faulk 200+ yards)(MASTER)
1997 Oregon vs Washington (MASTER)
1997 Washington State vs Arizona (classic ot thriller)(MASTER)
1997 Texas A&M vs Okl. State (Great comeback and OT)(MASTER)
1997 Miss. State vs Central Florida (Duante Culpepper)(MASTER)
1997 Virginia vs Georgia Tech (A.Brooks vs J.Hamilton)(MASTER)
1997 Notre Dame vs West Virginia (MASTER)
1997 Georgia vs Florida (MASTER)
1997 Arizona vs California (OT classic)(MASTER)
1997 Tennessee vs Arkansas (MASTER)
1997 Nebraska vs Missouri (Incredible ending and OT)
1997 Colorado State vs Air Force (great game)(MASTER)
1997 Georgia Tech vs Clemson (MASTER)
1997 Virginia Tech vs Miami (MASTER)
1997 Syracuse vs Pitt. (great pitt comeback falls short)(MASTER)
1997 Alabama vs Auburn (great game)(MASTER)
1997 Ole Miss. vs Miss. State(MASTER)
1997 Michigan vs Ohio State (C.Woodson stars)(MASTER)
1997 Florida vs FSU (Great Game)(MASTER)
1997 Pitt vs West Virginia (great game)
1997 Nebraska vs Colorado (Great Game)(MASTER)
1997 Georgia vs Georgia Tech (MASTER)
1997 WAC Champ. Colorado St. vs New Mexico(MASTER)
1997 Big 12 Champ. Nebraska vs Texas A&M(MASTER)
1997 SEC Champ. Tennessee vs Auburn(MASTER)
1997 Motor City Bowl Ole Miss. vs Marshall (R.Moss stars)(MASTER)
1997 Peach Bowl – Auburn vs Clemson (CSN)
1997 Fiesta Bowl Kansas State vs Syracuse(MASTER)

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1998 Citrus Bowl Alabama vs Michigan(MASTER)
1998 Cotton Bowl UCLA vs Texas A&M(MASTER)
1998 Rose Bowl Michigan vs Wash. State(MASTER)
1998 Orange Bowl Nebraska vs Tennessee(MASTER)
1998 Nebraska vs Louisiana Tech (T.Edwards stars)(MASTER)
1998 Tennessee vs Syracuse (great game)(MASTER)
1998 Alabama vs BYU (S.Alexander 5 TD’s)(MASTER)
1998 Boston College vs Georgia tech (great game)(MASTER)
1998 Washington vs Arizona State (great finish)(MASTER)
1998 Stanford vs North Carolina (shootout)(MASTER)
1998 Kentucky vs Louisville (T.Couch 7 TD passes)(MASTER)
1998 Texas vs New Mexico State (R.Williams 5 TD’s)(MASTER)
1998 Arizona vs TCU (great game featuring L.Tomlinson)(MASTER)
1998 Baylor vs NC State (MASTER)
1998 Oklahoma State vs Kansas(MASTER)
1998 Notre Dame vs BYU (MASTER)
1998 Florida State vs USC
1998 NC State vs FSU (MASTER)
1998 Air Force vs Colorado State(MASTER)
1998 LSU vs Auburn (MASTER)
1998 Tennessee vs Florida (great OT game)(MASTER)
1998 Arizona vs Washington (MASTER)
1998 Virginia vs Clemson (MASTER)
1998 Georgia vs LSU (Great Game)(MASTER)
1998 Notre Dame vs Purdue (MASTER)
1998 Arkansas vs Kentucky (MASTER)
1998 Arizona vs Washington (MASTER)
1998 UCLA vs Stanford (MASTER)
1998 Nebraska vs Missouri (MASTER)
1998 Virginia Tech vs Miami (great OT game)(MASTER)
1998 Texas vs Rice (R.Williams 300+ yards)(MASTER)
1998 Purdue vs Mich. St. (MASTER)
1998 Michigan St. vs Indiana (great OT game)(MASTER)
1998 Nebraska vs Oklahoma State(MASTER)
1998 Texas vs Iowa State ( R.Williams 350+ yards)(MASTER)
1998 UCLA vs Oregon (great OT game)(MASTER)
1998 Texas A&M vs Nebraska (MASTER)
1998 Georgia Tech vs Virginia (Incredible game)(MASTER)
1998 California vs USC (MASTER)
1998 Texas A&M vs Kansas (MASTER)
1998 Arizona State vs Stanford(MASTER)
1998 Wisconsin vs Indiana (MASTER)
1998 Texas vs Baylor (R.Williams 200+ yards)(MASTER)
1998 Georgia vs Kentucky ( Q.Carter vs T.Couch)(MASTER)
1998 Texas vs Nebraska (MASTER)
1998 UCLA vs Oregon State (.C.McNown stars)(MASTER)
1998 Kentucky vs LSU (great game)(MASTER)
1998 Notre Dame vs Boston College (Classic goal line stand at end by ND) (MASTER)
1998 Alabama vs LSU (Great ending)(MASTER)
1998 Georgia Tech vs Clemson (MASTER)
1998 Kentucky vs Miss. St. (great game)(MASTER)
1998 Texas A&M vs Missouri (MASTER)
1998 Kansas State vs Nebraska (M.Bishop stars)(MASTER)
1998 Cent. Florida vs Lou.Tech (D.Culpepper)
1998 Cent. Florida vs Bowling Green (D.Culpepper)
1998 Wisconsin vs Purdue (CSTV)
1998 Miami vs West Virginia (MASTER)
1998 Notre Dame vs LSU (great game)(MASTER)
1998 Kansas State vs Missouri (great game)(MASTER)
1998 Arizona vs Arizona State(MASTER)
1998 Washington vs Oregon State(MASTER)
1998 Texas vs Oklahoma St. (M.Applewhite shines)(MASTER)
1998 Tennessee vs Arkansas (great game)(MASTER)
1998 Michigan State vs Ohio State (big upset)(MASTER)
1998 Texas Tech vs Texas (MASTER)
1998 West Virginia vs Syracuse(MASTER)
1998 Miss. State vs Arkansas (MASTER)
1998 Georgia vs Georgia Tech (MASTER)
1998 BYU vs Utah (MASTER)
1998 Virginia vs Virginia Tech (Great comeback by A.Brooks)(MASTER)
1998 Syracuse vs Virginia Tech (Incredible ending)(MASTER)
1998 Texas vs Texas A&M (MASTER)
1998 Nebraska vs Colorado (MASTER)
1998 Oregon State vs Oregon (great OT game)(MASTER)
1998 FSU vs Florida (MASTER)
1998 Miami vs UCLA (Classic game)(MASTER)
1998 WAC Championship Air Force vs BYU(MASTER)
1998 Big 12 Champ. Texas A&M vs Kansas State(MASTER)
1998 SEC Champ. Tennessee vs Miss. State(MASTER)
1998 Aloha Bowl Colorado vs Oregon(MASTER)
1998 Carquest Bowl Missouri vs West Virginia(MASTER)
1998 Peach Bowl Georgia vs Virginia (great comeback)(MASTER)
1998 Alamo Bowl Purdue vs Kansas State(MASTER)
1998 Holiday Bowl Arizona vs Nebraska(MASTER)
1998 Liberty Bowl Tulane vs BYU (Tulane goes 12-0)(MASTER)
1998 Gator Bowl Georgia Tech vs Notre Dame(MASTER)
1998 Citrus Bowl Michigan vs Arkansas(MASTER)
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1999 Cotton Bowl Texas vs Mississippi St. (CSTV)
1999 Rose Bowl Wisconsin vs UCLA (Great Dayne)(MASTER)
1999 Fiesta Bowl Tennessee vs FSU (#1 vs #2)(MASTER)
1999 Boston College vs Baylor (MASTER)
1999 Michigan vs Notre Dame (MASTER)
1999 Purdue vs Notre Dame (MASTER)
1999 Penn State vs Pitt
1999 Vanderbilt vs Ole Miss (great OT game)(MASTER)
1999 Georgia vs Central Florida (MASTER)
1999 FSU vs Georgia Tech (great game)(MASTER)
1999 East Carolina vs Miami (MASTER)
1999 BYU vs Washington (great game)(MASTER)
1999 East Carolina vs West Virginia(MASTER)
1999 Virginia vs BYU (great game)(MASTER)
1999 Florida vs Tennessee (MASTER)
1999 Ole Miss vs Auburn (great OT game)(MASTER)
1999 BYU vs Cal
1999 Washington vs Colorado (MASTER)
1999 Penn St. vs Pittsburgh (partial)
1999 Alabama vs Arkansas
1999 Texas vs Nebraska (MASTER)
1999 Wisconsin vs Purdue (MASTER)
1999 Notre Dame vs Oklahoma (MASTER)
1999 Penn State vs Miami (MASTER)
1999 Michigan vs Indiana (Great Game)(MASTER)
1999 Kansas State vs Iowa State (great comeback)(MASTER)
1999 Texas vs Oklahoma (MASTER)
1999 Virginia Tech vs Pitt (Great Game)(MASTER)
1999 Alabama vs Florida (great OT game)(MASTER)
1999 Boston College vs Syracuse(MASTER)
1999 Texas vs Iowa State (great OT game)(MASTER)
1999 Michigan State vs Michigan(MASTER)
1999 Air Force vs San Diego State(MASTER)
1999 Notre Dame vs USC (great comeback)(MASTER)
1999 Penn State vs Purdue (Brees almost pulls it off)(MASTER)
1999 NC State vs Clemson (MASTER)
1999 FSU vs Miami (MASTER)
1999 Colorado vs Missouri (great OT game)(MASTER)
1999 Ohio State vs Purdue (MASTER)
1999 Cal. vs Arizona State (MASTER)
1999 Minnesota vs #1Penn State
1999 Wisconsin vs Ohio State (MASTER)
1999 Alabama vs Ole Miss (great game)(MASTER)
1999 Miami vs Boston College (MASTER)
1999 Stanford vs USC (MASTER)
1999 Washington vs Cal. (MASTER)
1999 Ohio State vs Minnesota (MASTER)
1999 Texas Tech vs Texas A&M (MASTER)
1999 Michigan vs Penn State (MASTER)
1999 Nebraska vs Kansas (MASTER)
1999 Georgia Tech vs North Carolina(MASTER)
1999 Miss. State vs LSU (MASTER)
1999 Army vs Louisville ( great OT game)(MASTER)
1999 Virginia Tech vs West Virginia(MASTER)
1999 Virginia Tech vs West Virginia (CSTV)(DVD)
1999 Minnesota vs Penn State
1999 Michigan vs Wisconsin (Big 10 network)
1999 Illinois vs Michigan
1999 Alabama vs LSU (great game)(MASTER)
1999 North Carolina vs Virginia (CSN)
1999 Boston College vs Notre Dame(MASTER)
1999 Oregon vs USC (MASTER)
1999 Alabama vs LSU (great goal line stand)(MASTER)
1999 Nebraska vs Kansas State(MASTER)
1999 Southern Miss. vs Louisville(MASTER)
1999 Purdue vs Minnesota (MASTER)
1999 Virginia vs Georgia Tech(MASTER)
1999 Oregon vs Arizona (MASTER)
1999 Colorado State vs Utah (MASTER)
1999 Georgia vs LSU
1999 FSU vs Clemson (MASTER)
1999 Arkansas vs Tennessee (MASTER)
1999 Georgia Tech vs Clemson (great game)(MASTER)
1999 Georgia vs Ole Miss. (MASTER)
1999 Alabama vs Auburn (MASTER)
1999 Michigan vs Ohio State (MASTER)
1999 Michigan State vs Penn State(MASTER)
1999 Michigan vs Illinois (CSN)
1999 Georgia Tech vs Georgia (Incredible OT game)(MASTER)
1999 Purdue vs Indiana (Brees vs Randle El)(MASTER)
1999 Nebraska vs Colorado (Great OT game)(MASTER)
1999 Stanford vs Notre Dame (MASTER)
1999 Arizona vs Arizona State(MASTER)
1999 New Mexico vs Air Force (CSN)
1999 Miss. State vs Ole Miss (MASTER)
1999 FSU vs Florida (great game)(MASTER)
1999 Marshall vs Western Michigan(MASTER)
1999 Big 12 Championship Nebraska vs Texas(MASTER)
1999 SEC Championship Alabama vs Florida(MASTER)
1999 Las Vegas Bowl Utah vs Fresno State (CSN)
1999 Music City Bowl- Syracuse vs Kentucky (CSN)
1999 Sun Bowl Oregon vs Minnesota(MASTER)
1999 Holiday Bowl Kansas State vs Washington(MASTER)
1999 Independence Bowl Ole Miss vs Oklahoma(MASTER)

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2000 Outback Bowl Georgia vs Purdue (Great comeback)(MASTER)
2000 Cotton Bowl Arkansas vs Texas (cstv)
2000 Citrus Bowl Michigan State vs Florida (great game)(MASTER)
2000 Rose Bowl Wisconsin vs Stanford(MASTER)
2000 Fiesta Bowl Nebraska vs Tennessee(MASTER)
2000 Orange Bowl Michigan vs Alabama (Great game)(MASTER)
2000 Sugar Bowl FSU vs Virginia Tech (#1 vs #2)(MASTER)
2000 Colorado State vs Colorado(MASTER)
2000 Wisconsin vs Oregon (MASTER)
2000 Louisville vs Kentucky (MASTER)
2000 Auburn vs Ole Miss (MASTER)
2000 NC State vs Indiana
2000 Mich.St. vs Notre Dame (MASTER)
2000 Kentucky vs Indiana (Lorenzon vs Randle El)(MASTER)
2000 BYU vs Virgina (great comeback)(MASTER)
2000 Nebraska vs Notre Dame (great game)(MASTER)
2000 Florida vs Tennessee (great game)(MASTER)
2000 LSU vs Tennessee (great OT game)(MASTER)
2000 Arkansas vs Alabama (CSN)
2000 Clemson vs NC State (MASTER)
2000 Notre Dame vs Purdue (MASTER)
2000 Washington vs Miami (MASTER)
2000 Miss. State vs Florida (MASTER)
2000 Illinois vs Indiana (MASTER)
2000 Virginia Tech vs Boston College (CSN)
2000 Central Florida vs Alabama
2000 FSU vs Georgia Tech (MASTER)
2000 UCLA vs Michigan (MASTER)
2000 USC vs Colorado (MASTER)
2000 Northwestern vs Wisconsin (great 2 OT Game)(MASTER)
2000 NC State vs Georgia Tech(MASTER)
2000 South Carolina vs Miss. State(MASTER)
2000 UCLA vs Ariz.St. (MASTER)
2000 Washington vs Oregon St.(MASTER)
2000 Michigan vs Illinois (great game)(MASTER)
2000 Northwestern vs Minnesota (Incredible ending)(MASTER)
2000 Oklahoma vs Kansas State(MASTER)
2000 UCLA vs Arizona (MASTER)
2000 Miami vs FSU (great game)(MASTER)
2000 Oregon St. vs UCLA (MASTER)
2000 Oklahoma vs Nebraska (CSN)
2000 Kansas State vs Nebraska(MASTER)
2000 Clemson vs North Carolina(MASTER)
2000 Syracuse vs West Virginia(MASTER)
2000 Arizona vs Washington (MASTER)
2000 Purdue vs Michigan (great game)(MASTER)
2000 Virginia Tech vs Pittsburgh (great game)(MASTER)
2000 Oregon vs Arizona State (MASTER)
2000 Florida vs Georgia (MASTER)
2000 Northwestern vs Michigan(MASTER)
2000 Penn State vs Indiana (MASTER)
2000 Purdue vs Ohio State (MASTER)
2000 LSU vs Miss. State (great Game)(MASTER)
2000 Virgina Tech vs Syracuse(MASTER)
2000 Notre Dame vs Air Force
2000 Ohio State vs Illinois (MASTER)
2000 LSU vs Alabama (MASTER)
2000 Oklahoma vs Texas A&M (great game)(MASTER)
2000 Air Force vs Col. St. (MASTER)
2000 Georgia Tech vs Clemson (MASTER)
2000 FSU vs Clemson(csn)
2000 Minnesota vs Iowa (MASTER)
2000 San Jose State vs TCU (csn)
2000 Michigan vs Ohio State (MASTER)
2000 BYU vs Utah (L.Edwards wins last game)(MASTER)
2000 Stanford vs USC (csn)
2000 Clemson vs South Carolina (MASTER)
2000 Texas vs Texas A&M (MASTER)
2000 Auburn vs Georgia (MASTER)
2000 Nebraska vs Colorado (great game)(MASTER)
2000 Ole Miss vs Miss. State (MASTER)
2000 SEC Champ. Florida vs Auburn (MASTER)
2000 Big 12 Champ. Oklahoma vs Kansas State(MASTER)
2000 Mobile Bowl Southern Miss. vs TCU(MASTER)
2000 Peach Bowl LSU vs Georgia Tech (CSN)
2000 Silicon Valley Bowl Air Force vs Fresno State(MASTER)
2000 Insight Bowl Iowa State vs Pittsburgh(MASTER)
2000 Sun Bowl Wisconsin vs UCLA(MASTER)
2000 Holiday Bowl Oregon vs Texas( great game)(MASTER)
2000 Alamo Bowl Nebraska vs Northwestern(MASTER)
2000 Ind. Bowl Miss. State vs Texas A&M (great OT game in snow) (MASTER)
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2001 Gator Bowl Virginia Tech vs Clemson (CSN)
2001 Citrus Bowl Michigan vs Auburn(MASTER)
2001 Rose Bowl Washington vs Purdue(MASTER)
2001 Sugar Bowl Miami vs Florida(MASTER)
2001 Orange Bowl Oklahoma vs FSU (#1 vs #2)(MASTER)
Fresno State vs Colorado (MASTER)
UCLA vs Alabama (MASTER)
Oregon vs Wisconsin (MASTER)
Fresno State vs Oregon State (MASTER)
Alabama vs Vanderbilt (MASTER)
Virginia vs Clemson (Great Finish)(MASTER)
Purdue vs Minnesota (Incredible Ending)(MASTER)
North Carolina vs FSU (MASTER)
South Carolina vs Georgia (CSN)
Georgia vs Tennessee (Great Game)(MASTER)
South Carolina vs Alabama (Great Game)(MASTER)
Oklahoma vs Kansas State (MASTER)
Northwestern vs Michigan State (Great End)(MASTER)
Clemson vs Georgia Tech (Great OT Game)(MASTER)
Oregon vs USC (MASTER)
Washington vs Cal (Partial)
Wisconsin vs Ohio State (MASTER)
Auburn vs Mississippi State (MASTER)
Oklahoma vs Texas (CSN)
Maryland vs Georgia Tech (Great OT Game)(MASTER)
Ole Miss. Vs Alabama (E. Manning shines)(MASTER)
Colorado vs Texas A&M (MASTER)
Michigan vs Iowa (MASTER)
Auburn vs Florida (#1 loses) (MASTER)
Washington State vs Stanford (MASTER)
Fresno State vs Colorado State (Great OT game)(MASTER)
Boise State vs Fresno State (Great Upset)(MASTER)
Texas A&M vs Kansas State (MASTER)
Clemson vs NC State (MASTER)
Washington vs Stanford (MASTER)
Washington vs Arizona State (great Game)(MASTER)
Illinois vs Wisconsin (MASTER)
Washington vs Arizona (MASTER)
Boston College vs Notre Dame (MASTER)
Oregon vs Washington State (MASTER)
Michigan State vs Michigan(Great Game)(MASTER)
Nebraska vs Oklahoma (MASTER)
Colorado vs Texas A&M (MASTER)
Washington vs USC (MASTER)
Tennessee vs Alabama (MASTER)
Nebraska vs Texas Tech (MASTER)
Penn State vs Northwestern (Paterno ties Bear)
Ole Miss vs LSU (E.Manning stars)(MASTER)
LSU vs Alabama (MASTER)
USC vs Arizona (MASTER)
Penn State vs Ohio State (Paterno Passes Bear)
Stanford vs UCLA (MASTER)
Purdue vs Northwestern (MASTER)
Georgia Tech vs North Carolina(MASTER)
Nebraska vs Texas Tech (MASTER)
Tennessee vs Notre Dame (MASTER)
Arkansas vs Ole Miss (Classic 7OT Game)(MASTER)
Colorado State vs Air Force (MASTER)
Alabama vs Mississippi State (MASTER)
Illinois vs Ohio State (MASTER)
Miami vs Boston College (MASTER)
Nebraska vs Kansas State (MASTER)
Oregon vs UCLA (MASTER)
Stanford vs Oregon (MASTER)
Hawaii vs Fresno State (Great Game)(MASTER)
Illinois vs Penn State (MASTER)
NC State vs Florida State (MASTER)
Georgia vs Kentucky (MASTER)
Auburn vs Georgia (MASTER)
Louisville vs East Carolina (MASTER)
Georgia Tech vs Wake Forest (MASTER)
Michigan vs Wisconsin (MASTER)
Georgia Tech vs Wake Forest (MASTER)
Maryland vs NC State (Great Game)(MASTER)
Iowa State vs Iowa (MASTER)
Tennessee vs Kentucky (Great Game)(MASTER)
BYU vs Utah (Great Game) (MASTER)
Colorado vs Nebraska (MASTER)
Minnesota vs Wisconsin (MASTER)
Mississippi State vs Ole Miss(MASTER)
Texas vs Texas A&M (MASTER)
LSU vs Arkansas (MASTER)
Georgia vs Georgia Tech (MASTER)
Miami vs Virginia Tech (Great Game)(MASTER)
Oklahoma State vs Oklahoma (Great upset)(MASTER)
Pittsburgh vs West Virginia (A.Bryant Stars)(MASTER)
Penn State vs Michigan State (Great Game)(MASTER)
Tennessee vs Florida (Great Game)(MASTER)
MAC Championship Toledo vs Marshall (Great Game)(MASTER)
SEC Championship- LSU vs Tennessee(MASTER)
Big 12 Championship- Colorado vs Texas(MASTER)
BYU vs Mississippi State (Great Game)(MASTER)
Mobile Bowl Marshall vs East Carolina (All Time Classic)(MASTER)
Music City Bowl- Boston College vs Georgia(MASTER)
Independence Bowl- Alabama vs Iowa State(MASTER)
Motor City Bowl- Toledo vs Cincinnatti(MASTER)
Holiday Bowl – Texas vs Washington (Great Game)(MASTER)
Peach Bowl – North Carolina vs Auburn (CSN)
Sun Bowl- Washington St. vs Purdue(MASTER)
Silicon Valley Bowl- Mich. St. vs Fresno St. (shootout)(MASTER)

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2002 Outback bowl-South Carolina vs Ohio State (Great Game)
2002 Gator Bowl- FSU vs Virginia Tech(MASTER)
2002 Fiesta Bowl Oregon vs Colorado(MASTER)
2002 Sugar Bowl LSU vs Illinois(MASTER)
2002 Rose Bowl Miami vs Nebraska(MASTER)
Colorado State vs Virginia (Great Game)(MASTER)
Florida State vs Iowa State (MASTER)
Michigan vs Washington (MASTER)
Georgia vs Clemson (MASTER)
Alabama vs Middle Tennessee St.(MASTER)
Boston College vs Stanford (MASTER)
Notre Dame vs Purdue (MASTER)
Cincinnatti vs TCU (MASTER)
Oregon vs Fresno State (MASTER)
Oklahoma vs Alabama (MASTER)
Penn State vs Wisconsin
North Carolina vs Syracuse (MASTER)
Wisconsin vs Fresno State (MASTER)
Colorado State vs Colorado (MASTER)
USC vs Auburn (MASTER)
Ole Miss vs Vanderbilt (Great Game)(MASTER)
Notre Dame vs Michigan (MASTER)
Florida vs Kentucky (MASTER)
Ohio State vs Cincinnatti (MASTER)
Iowa State vs Iowa (MASTER)
Georgia vs South Carolina (MASTER)
North Carolina State vs TexasTech(MASTER)
Louisville vs FSU (Huge Upset)(MASTER)
Auburn vs Syracuse (OT Thriller)(MASTER)
Texas vs Oklahoma State (MASTER)
Iowa vs Purdue
Notre Dame vs Michigan State (MASTER)
Miami vs West Virginia
Oregon vs UCLA (Great Game) (MASTER)
Oklahoma vs Texas
Washington State vs California(MASTER)
Wake Forest vs Georgia Tech (MASTER)
Ole Miss vs Florida (MASTER)
Georgia vs Alabama (MASTER)
Indiana vs Wisconsin (big 10)
California vs USC
Air Force vs Utah (Great Comeback)(MASTER)
Florida State vs Clemson (MASTER)
Iowa vs Penn State (Great OT Game)(MASTER)
California vs Washington (MASTER)
Colorado vs Kansas State (MASTER)
Oklahoma vs Missouri (MASTER)
Penn State vs Wisconsin (MASTER)
Washington State vs USC (Great ot Game)(MASTER)
Texas vs Kansas State (MASTER)
Arizona State vs Oregon (MASTER)
Tennessee vs Arkansas (Classic Game)(MASTER)
Michigan vs Penn State (Great OT Game)(MASTER)
Fresno State vs Colorado State(MASTER)
Clemson vs Wake Forest (MASTER)
Nebraska vs Texas A&M (MASTER)
Miami vs Florida State (Great Game)(MASTER)
Oklahoma State vs Nebraska (MASTER)
Florida vs Auburn (Great OT game)(MASTER)
Texas vs Iowa State (MASTER)
Washington vs Arizona (MASTER)
Virginia vs North Carolina (Great Comeback)(MASTER)
Virginia Tech vs Boston College(MASTER)
Ohio State vs Purdue (MASTER)
Boston College vs Notre Dame (MASTER)
Pitt vs Virginia Tech (MASTER)
Florida vs Georgia (MASTER)
Syracuse vs Virginia Tech (Great OT Game)(MASTER)
Texas vs Nebraska (Great Game)(MASTER)
Colorado vs Missouri (Great OT Game)(MASTER)
Clemson vs Duke (MASTER)
Auburn vs Ole Miss (MASTER)
LSU vs Kentucky (Incredible ending)(MASTER)
LSU vs Kentucky (College Flash Classic)(DVD)
Georgia Tech vs NC State (Tech ends State win streak)(MASTER)
Georgia vs Auburn (Classic Game)(MASTER)
Purdue vs Michigan State (Great Game)(MASTER)
Pitt vs Boston College (OT Game)(MASTER)
Texas A&M vs Oklahoma (MASTER)
Ohio State vs Illinois (Great OT Game)(MASTER)
Penn State vs Indiana (L.Johnson over 300)(MASTER)
West Virginia vs Virginia Tech(MASTER)
Maryland vs NC State (MASTER)
Texas Tech vs Texas (MASTER)
Alabama vs LSU (Tide creams Tigers)(MASTER)
USC vs Oregon (CSN)
Michigan vs Wisconsin (MASTER)
Miami vs Pittsburgh (MASTER)
Marshall vs Miami (Ohio) (MASTER)
Clemson vs South Carolina (MASTER)
Ohio State vs Michigan (MASTER)
UNLV vs Colorado St. (MASTER)
USC vs Notre Dame (MASTER)
Wisconsin vs Minnesota (MASTER)
Washington vs Washington St (3 OT Game)(MASTER)
San Diego St. vs Air Force (MASTER)
Arkansas vs LSU (MASTER)
West Virginia vs Pitt (MASTER)
Penn State vs Michigan State (1st half only)(MASTER)
Texas vs Texas A&M (MASTER)
Miami vs Virginia Tech (MacGahee 6td’s)(MASTER)
Washington St. vs UCLA (MASTER)
MAC Champ.-Marshall vs Toledo(MASTER)
Big 12 Champ.- Oklahoma vs Colorado(MASTER)
SEC Champ.- Georgia vs Arkansas(MASTER)
Houston Bowl- Oklahoma State vs Southern Miss.(MASTER)
Independence Bowl- Ole Miss vs Nebraska(MASTER)
Holiday Bowl- Kansas State vs Arizona State(MASTER)
Alamo Bowl- Wisconsin vs Colorado (OT Game)(MASTER)
Cotton Bowl- Texas vs LSU (MASTER)
Gator Bowl- Michigan vs Florida(MASTER)
Citrus Bowl- Auburn vs Penn State (R.Brown shines)(MASTER)
Orange Bowl- USC vs Iowa (MASTER)
Fiesta Bowl- Ohio State vs Miami (Classic Game)(MASTER)

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Notre Dame vs Washington St.
Colorado St. vs Colorado
Nebraska vs Penn State
Memphis vs Ole Miss
Ole Miss vs Vandy
Wisconsin vs West Virginia
Utah vs California
LSU vs Georgia
Texas A&M vs Utah
Marshall vs Kansas St.
Oklahoma vs Alabama (ESPN Classic)
Ohio State vs NC State (Classic OT)
Tennessee vs South Carolina (OT)
Ole Miss vs Florida
Miami vs Florida
Florida State vs Geo. Tech
Missouri vs Nebraska
Virginia vs Wake Forest
Clemson vs Virginia
Clemson vs North Carolina
Florida vs Kentucky
Iowa vs Michigan
Oklahoma State vs Texas Tech
Auburn vs Tennessee
Boston College vs Notre Dame
Oregon St. vs Wash St.
UCLA vs Arizona
Utah vs Air Force (3OT)
Ole Miss vs South Carolina
Purdue vs Wisconsin
Oregon vs Michigan
Oklahoma State vs Kansas St.
Arkansas vs Alabama (Classic OT)
Baylor vs Colorado
TCU vs Louisville
Notre Dame vs Pitt
Wisconsin vs Ohio State
Texas vs Kansas State
Michigan vs Minnesota (Classic game)
Cal vs USC (OT)
Tennessee vs Alabama (5OT)
Arkansas vs Kentucky (7OT)
Florida vs South Carolina
Florida State vs NC State
Oregon State vs Boise St.
Florida vs Georgia
Miami vs West Virginia
UCLA vs Cal
TCU vs Houston
Ohio State vs Penn State
Nebraska vs Texas A&M
Utah vs Colorado St.
Wisconsin vs Penn State
NC State vs Virginia
Pitt vs Virginia Tech
Texas vs Texas Tech
LSU vs Ole Miss
Minnesota vs Wisconsin
New Mexico vs Colorado State
Ole Miss vs Auburn
Boston College vs Virginia Tech
Nebraska vs Colorado
FSU vs Florida (Classic)
USC vs Oregon State
MAC Champ Miami (Ohio) vs Bowling Green (ESPN Classic)
Big 12 Champ Kansas St. vs Oklahoma
SEC Champ. LSU vs Georgia
Ft.Worth Bowl Boise St vs TCU
Hawaii Bowl Hawaii vs Houston (OT)
Sun Bowl Oregon vs Minnesota
Insight.Com Bowl. Cal vs Virginia Tech
Capital 1 Bowl Georgia vs Purdue
Rose Bowl USC vs Michigan
Cotton Bowl Ole Miss vs Oklahoma State
Sugar Bowl LSU vs Oklahoma

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LSU vs Oregon St.
TCU vs Northwestern (OT)
Miami vs FSU (ESPN Classic)
Clemson vs Wake Forest
USC vs BYU (ESPN Classic)
Colorado vs Colorado State
Southern Miss. vs Nebraska
Ohio State vs Marshall
Ole Miss vs Vandy
Georgia Tech vs Clemson
Boise State vs BYU
NC State vs Wake Forest
Florida vs Mississippi St
Georgia vs South Carolina
Georgia vs South Carolina (ESPNU)
Texas vs Arkansas
Auburn vs LSU
Michigan vs Minnesota
Wisconsin vs Purdue
Tennessee vs Florida
Texas A&M vs Kansas State
Rice vs Hawaii
Navy vs Air Force
Miss St. vs Florida (College Flash Classic)(DVD)
Northwestern vs Ohio State (OT)
Miami vs Louisville (OT)
USC vs Stanford
Michigan vs Michigan St. (classic OT Game)
UCLA vs Washington
Texas Tech vs Kansas
Boston College vs Notre Dame
USC vs Cal
Oklahoma State vs Missouri
Oklahoma vs Kansas State
LSU vs Florida
Arizona State vs UCLA
Utah vs Air Force (DVD)
Texas vs Missouri
Michigan vs Michigan State (ESPN Classic)
North Carolina vs Miami
Arizona St. vs Stanford
Clemson vs NC State
Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State
Clemson vs Miami (OT)
South Carolina vs Arkansas
Cal vs Oregon
Virginia Tech vs North Carolina
Florida State vs Wake Forest
LSU vs Troy
Georgia vs Florida
Louisville vs Memphis
Syracuse vs Pitt (OT)
Purdue vs Ohio State
Oklahoma vs Texas A&M
Texas vs Oklahoma State (Incredible Comeback)
Iowa vs Minnesota
Pitt vs Notre Dame
Texas vs Kansas
LSU vs Ole Miss
Northwestern vs Illinois
Texas A&M vs Texas Tech (OT)
North Carolina vs Wake Forest
Boise St. vs San Jose St. (DVD)
Tennessee vs Kentucky
Utah vs BYU (Utah ends season 11-0)
Arizona vs Arizona State
Missouri vs Iowa State OT
Texas vs Texas A&M
Hawaii vs Northwestern
USC vs UCLA – R.Bush dominates
Hawaii vs Michigan State
SEC Champ. Auburn vs Tennessee
L.V. Bowl Wyoming vs UCLA
Houston Bowl Colorado vs UTEP
Comp. Bowl Fresno St. vs Virginia
Liberty Bowl Louisville vs Boise St.
Sun Bowl Arizona St. vs Purdue
Outback Bowl Georgia vs Wisconsin
Capital 1 Bowl Iowa vs LSU
Rose Bowl Texas vs Michigan
Natl. Champ USC vs Oklahoma

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Vanderbilt vs Wake Forest (DVD)
TCU vs Oklahoma (DVD)
Louisville vs Kentucky (DVD)
Colorado vs Colorado St. (DVD)
Clemson vs Texas A&M (DVD)
Maryland vs Navy (DVD)
Air Force vs Washington (DVD)
Wisconsin vs Bowling Green (DVD)
Florida State vs Miami (DVD)
Notre Dame vs Michigan (DVD)
Florida vs Mississippi St.
Texas vs Ohio State (DVD)
LSU vs Arizona St (DVD)
Alabama vs S.Miss (DVD)
Oregon St. vs Boise St. (DVD)
Georgia vs South Carolina (DVD)
Texas vs. Colorado
Alabama vs Florida
TCU vs Utah (DVD)
Virginia vs Syracuse
Clemson vs Maryland (DVD)
Tennessee vs LSU(DVD)
Alabama vs Ole Miss(DVD)
Northwestern vs N.Illinois (DVD)
UTEP vs Houston (DVD)
Nebraska vs Iowa State (DVD)
Wisconsin vs Michigan (DVD)
Minnesota vs Purdue (DVD)
Michigan State vs Notre Dame (DVD)
Miami vs Clemson (VHS)
Texas Tech vs Nebraska (DVD)
Texas vs Oklahoma (DVD)
Michigan vs Mich. State (DVD)
USC vs Arizona State (DVD)
Northwestern vs Wisconsin (DVD)
Oregon vs Fresno St.(DVD)
West Virginia vs Louisville
Michigan vs Penn State
Minnesota vs Michigan
Alabama vs Tennessee (DVD)
Wisconsin vs Minnesota (DVD)
Memphis vs UTEP (DVD)
UCLA vs Washington St.
Michigan vs Iowa (DVD)
Colorado St. vs Wyoming
North Carolina vs NC State
Ohio State vs Michigan State (DVD)
Florida State vs Virginia (DVD)
Penn State vs Ohio State (ESPN Classic)
Wake Forest vs Clemson
Oklahoma vs Baylor
LSU vs Auburn
UCLA vs Stanford
Texas vs Texas Tech(DVD)
Oklahoma vs Nebraska(DVD)
USC vs Notre Dame(DVD)
California vs Washington St.
Boston College vs Wake Forest
Florida State vs Maryland
Oregon vs Washington St.
Southern Miss. vs Marshall
Purdue vs Michigan State
Navy vs Air Force
Florida vs Vanderbilt
Miami vs Virginia Tech(DVD)
Arizona St. vs Arizona
South Carolina vs Florida
Northwestern vs Iowa (DVD)
UCLA vs Arizona State
Texas Tech vs Oklahoma (DVD)
USC vs Fresno St. (DVD)
Oregon vs CAL (DVD)
Nevada vs Fresno State
Kansas vs Iowa State
Georgia Tech vs Miami
LSU vs Alabama (DVD)
Auburn vs Georgia (DVD)
Ohio State vs Michigan (DVD)
Vanderbilt vs Tennessee
Clemson vs South Carolina (DVD)
Texas vs Texas A&M (DVD)
Georgia vs Georgia Tech (DVD)
Notre Dame vs Stanford (DVD)
Utah vs BYU
Toledo vs Bowling Green
Nebraska vs Colorado (missing some of 1st qut)
Akron vs N.Illinois (MAC Championship)
Texas vs Colorado (Big 12 Championship)(DVD)
Georgia vs LSU (SEC Championship)
Florida State vs Virginia Tech (ACC Championship)
MPC Comp Bowl-Boston College vs Boise St. (DVD)
Motor City Bowl- Memphis vs Akron (DVD)
Insight Bowl- Arizona State vs Rutgers (DVD)
Music City Bowl-Virginia vs Minnesota (DVD)
Independence Bowl-Missouri vs South Carolina (DVD)
Hawaii Bowl- Nevada vs. UCF
Liberty Bowl- Tulsa vs Fresno St (DVD)
Gator Bowl- Virginia Tech vs Louisville (DVD)
Alamo Bowl- Nebraska vs Michigan (DVD)
Outback Bowl- Florida vs Iowa (DVD)
Cotton Bowl- Alabama vs Texas Tech (DVD)
Fiesta Bowl- Ohio State vs Notre Dame (DVD)
Orange Bowl- Penn St. vs FSU (DVD)
Sugar Bowl- West Virginia vs Georgia (DVD)
Rose Bowl- Texas USC (DVD)

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Alabama vs. Hawaii
UH vs. Rice
FSU vs. Miami
Air Force @ Tennessee
Clemson @ Boston College
Oregon vs. Fresno St.
Texas Tech @ UTEP
Arkansas @ Alabama
USC vs. Washington St.
Nebraska vs. Kansas
FSU @ NC State
Georgia Tech vs. NC State
Ohio State @ Texas
Oklahoma @ Oregon
Texas A&M vs. Army
Boston College vs. BYU
Clemson vs. FSU
Iowa vs. Indiana
Texas vs. Oklahoma
Arizona St. @ USC
Vanderbilt @ Georgia
Florida vs. Tennessee
Auburn vs. LSU
Notre Dame @ Michigan State
South Carolina @ Auburn
Texas Tech @ Texas A&M
Wake Forest @ NC State
Ole Miss @ Alabama
Air Force vs UNLV
South Carolina @ Arkansas
Furman @ North Carolina
Maryland @ Georgia Tech
Penn State @ Minnesota
Texas A&M @ Kansas
Washington @ Cal
Texas A&M vs. Oklahoma St.
Baylor vs. Kansas
Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma St.
Iowa St. vs. Missouri
Michigan St. vs. Northwestern
Boise St. vs. San Jose St.
UAB @ Rice (espnu)
Wake Forest vs. North Carolina
Maryland vs. Florida St.
Boston College @ FSU
Florida @ Auburn
Alabama @ Tennessee
Texas @ Nebraska
South Carolina @ Kentucky (ESPNU)
UCLA @ Notre Dame
Oklahoma @ Texas A&M (ESPNU)
LSU @ Tennessee
Missouri @ Nebraska
USC @ Oregon St.
Wisconsin @ Illinois
Texas @ Texas Tech
West Virginia @ Louisville
Louisville @ Rutgers
South Carolina @ Florida
UConn vs. Pitt
West Virginia @ Pitt
Ole Miss @ LSU
Michigan @ Ohio St.
Texas @ Kansas St.
Nebraska @ Texas A&M
Notre Dame @ USC
South Carolina @ Clemson
Oregon vs. Oregon St.
Texas A&M @ Texas
LSU vs. Arkansas
BYU @ Utah
Rutgers @ West Virginia
Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma St.
Perdue @ Hawaii
Conf. USA Championship: UH vs. Southern Miss
ACC Championship: Wake Forest vs. Georgia Tech
Big 12 Championship: Oklahoma vs. Nebraska
SEC Championship: Florida vs. Arkansas
Emerald Bowl: Florida St. vs. UCLA
Meineke Car Care Bowl: Boston College vs. Navy
Alamo Bowl: Texas vs. Iowa
Liberty Bowl: South Carolina vs. Houston
Hawaii Bowl: Hawaii vs. Arizona St. Bowl: Texas Tech vs. Minnesota
Peach Bowl: Georgia vs. Virginia Tech
Sun Bowl: Oregon St. vs Missouri
Independence Bowl: Alabama vs. Oklahoma St.
Capital One Bowl: Wisconsin vs. Arkansas
Gator Bowl: West Virginia vs. Georgia Tech
Rose Bowl: USC vs. Michigan
Orange Bowl: Louisville vs. Wake Forest
Sugar Bowl: LSU vs. Notre Dame
Fiesta Bowl: Boise St. vs. Oklahoma
Championship Game: Florida vs. Ohio St.

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Colorado vs Colorado St.
Boston College vs Wake Forest (ESPNU)
Appalachian St. vs Michigan
Missouri vs Illinois

Louisville vs Middle Tenn. St.

Fresno State @ Texas A&M
USF vs Auburn
Hawaii @ Louisiana Tech
Nebraska vs Wake Forest
Nevada vs Northwestern
E.Carolina vs North Carolina

TCU @ Air Force

Texas @ UCF
Fresno St vs Oregon
Arkansas @ Alabama
East Carolina vs Virg. Tech (CSN)
Louisville @ Kentucky
New Mexico @ Arizona
BYU @ Tulsa

Georgia Tech @ Virginia
Florida @ Ole Miss
Ball ST. @ Nebraska
Wake Forest vs Maryland
UH vs Colorado St.
Texas Tech @ Oklahoma State
Georgia @ Alabama
Kentucky vs Louisville

Michigan St. @ Wisconsin
Kentucky @ Arkansas
Auburn @ Florida
Oklahoma @ Colorado
UTEP vs SMU (JIP 5 min 1st quarter)
Maryland @ Rutgers
Wisconsin @ Mich. State
Cal @ Oregon

Oklahoma vs Texas
Kansas vs Kansas State
Florida @ LSU
Alabama @ Ole Miss
Maryland vs Georgia Tech
Houston @ Alabama
Oklahoma St. @ Texas A&M
Stanford @ USC (Replay)
Cincinnati @ Rutgers
Northwestern vs Michigan State

Nevada @ Boise St.

UTEP @ East Carolina
Hawaii @ San Jose St.
Cincinnat @ Louisville
LSU @ Kentucky
Minnesota @ Northwestern
Oregons State @ Cal

USF @ Rutgers
Tennessee @ Alabama
Cincinnati @ Pitt
Cal @ UCLA
Kansas St. @ Oklahoma St.
Penn State @ Indiana
Auburn @ LSU
Mich. St. @ Ohio State
Miami @ FSU
Florida @ Kentucky

Oregon vs USC
Georgia vs Florida
Air Force @ New Mexico
Boston College @ Virginia Tech
South Carolina @ Tennessee
Nebraska @ Texas
Mich. St. @ Iowa
Virginia @ NC State
Arizona @ Washington
USC @ Oregon

LSU vs Alabama
Navy @ Notre Dame
Texas @ Oklahoma State
FSU vs Alabama
South Carolina @ Arkansas
Michigan State @ Michigan
FSU @ Boston College
North Carolina @ NC State

Louisville @ West Virginia

Illinois @ Ohio State

Hawaii @ Nevada

North Carolina @ Georgia Tech
Penn State @ Michigan State
Boston College @ Clemson
North Carolina @ Georgia Tech
Vanderbilt @ Tennessee
Purdue @ Indiana

Arkansas vs LSU

Washington St. @ Washington
Clemson @ South Carolina
Tennessee @ Kentucky

Rutgers @ Louisville

ACC Champ. Virginia Tech vs BC
Oregon vs Oregon St.
Big 12 Champ. Oklahoma vs Missouri
SEC Champ. Tennessee vs LSU
Washington @ Hawaii

Motor City Bowl Purdue vs C.Michigan
Hawaii Bowl East Carolina vs Boise State
Poinsettia Bowl Utah vs Navy
Armed Forces Bowl : Cal vs Air Force
Capital 1 Bowl: Michigan vs Florida
Holiday Bowl Texas vs Arizona State
Peach Bowl : Auburn vs Clemson
Gator Bowl: Texas Tech vs Virginia
Fiesta Bowl: West Virginia vs Oklahoma
Orange Bowl: Kansas vs Virginia Tech
Music City Bowl: Kentucky vs FSU
Outback Bowl: Tennessee vs Wisconson
BCS Champ. Ohio State vs LSU

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Michigan State @ CAL

Tennessee @ UCLA

Ole Miss @ Wake Forest
Rice @ Memphis
South Florida @ UCF
BYU @ Washington

Kansas @ UCF

Georgia Tech @ Virginia Tech
UNLV @ Arizona State
Oregon @ Purdue
Georgia @ South Carolina

Baylor @ UConn

Utah @ Air Force
Central Mich. @ Purdue
Virginia Tech @ Nebraska
LSU @ Auburn
East Carolina @ NC State
Fresno State @ Toledo

USC @ Oregon State

Fresno State @ UCLA
North Carolina @ Miami
Ole Miss @ Florida
Alabama @ Georgia
Wisconsin @ Michigan

Pitt @ South Florida
LSU @ Florida
Memphis @ UAB
Oregon State @ Utah

Florida State @ Miami
Alabama @ Kentucky
BC @ NC State
BYU @ Air Force
Ohio State @ Wisconsin
Kansas @ Iowa State
South Carolina @ Ole Miss

Nebraska @ Texas Tech
Texas vs Oklahoma
Oklahoma State @ Missouri
Notre Dame @ UNC

Arkansas @ Kentucky
Air Force @ UNLV
Ole Miss @ Alabama

Central Michigan @ Toledo
UNLV @ Byu
South Florida @ Louisville
Oklahoma State @ Texas
Georgia @ LSU
Baylor @ Texas Tech

Tulsa @ Arkansas
Arizona State @ Oregon State
Michigan @ Purdue
Pitt @ Notre Dame
Northwestern @ Minnesota
Wisconsin @ Michigan State
Florida state @ Georgia Tech
Iowa @ Illinois
Clemson @ BC
Texas @ Texas Tech
Miami @ Virginia
Central Michigan @ Indiana
BYU @ Colorado State
Alabama @ LSU
Kansas @ Nebraska
Cicinnati @ West Virginia
Georgia @ Kentucky
Penn State @ iowa
Stanford @ Oregon

Nevada @ Louisiana Tech
Vanderbilt @ Kentucky
Nebraska @ Kansas State
Minnesota @ Wisconsin
Arizona @ Oregon

Ball State @ Central Michigan

Oregon State @ Arizona
Syracuse @ Notre Dame

Texas A&M @ Texas

Colorado @ Nebraska
LSU @ Arkansas

Georgia Tech @ Georgia
Baylor @ Texas Tech
Kansas vs Missouri
Oklahoma @ Oklahoma State

Cincinnati @ Hawaii
USA Champ. E.Carolina vs Tulsa
SEC Champ Florida vs Alabama
ACC Champ Virg. Tech vs BC

Poinsettia Bowl TCU vs Boise State
Mieneke Bowl West Virginia vs UNC
Emerald Bowl Cal vs Miami
Alamo Bowl Missouri vs Northwestern
Humanitarian Bowl Maryland vs Nevada
Holiday Bowl Oregon vs Oklahoma State
Gator Bowl Nebraska vs Clemson
Sugar Bowl Utah vs Alabama
Rose Bowl USC vs Penn State
Orange Bowl Virginia Tech vs Cincinnati
Fiesta Bowl Texas vs Ohio State
Nat’l Champ Florida vs Oklahoma

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Sept. 5th
Navy @ Ohio State
Alabama vs Virginia Tech
BYU vs Oklahoma

Sept 7
Miami @ FSU

Sept. 10
Clemson @ Georgia Tech

Central Michigan @ Mich. St.
Fresno State @ Wisconsin
Notre Dame @ Michigan
Purdue @ Oregon
USC @ Ohio State
Houston @ Oklahoma State
South Carolina @ Georgia

Boise State @ Fresno State

Northwestern @ Syracuse
USC @ Washington
Cal @ Minnesota
Louisville @ Kentucky
Virginia @ Southern Miss
Georgia @ Arkansas
TexasTech @ Texas
Michigan State @ Notre Dame
West Virginia @ Auburn
Nebraska @ Virginia Tech

Sept. 26
Arizona State @ Georgia
Notre Dame @ Purdue
Iowa State @ Kansas
Pitt @ NC State
Southern Miss @ Kansas
Texas Tech @ Houston
LSU @ Miss. State
Indiana @ Michigan

Oklahoma @ Miami
Michigan @ Mich. State
Kansas State @ Iowa State
NC State @ Wake Forest
FSU @ Boston College
LSU @ Georgia
Washington @ Notre Dame

Nebraska @ Missouri

Southern Miss @ Louisville
Georgia Tech @ FSU
Houston @ Miss.State
TCU vs Clemson
Oklahoma St. @ Texas A&M
Kentucky @ South Carolina
Arizona @ Washington
Michigan @ Iowa
Pitt @ UConn

Stanford @ Arizona
Arkansas @ Florida
Texas vs Oklahoma
USC @ Notre Dame
Washington @ Arizona State
Ohio State @ Purdue
South Carolina @ Alabama
Kansas @ Colorado


Tennessee @ Alabama
Iowa @ Michigan State
UConn @ West Virginia
Indiana @ Northwestern
Oregon State @ USC
Clemson @ Miami

Houston @ Southern Miss
UCLA @ Oregon State
Miss. State @ Kentucky
NC State @ FSU
Miami @ Wake Forest
Rutgers @ UConn
Cal @ Arizona State
Indiana @ Iowa
Mich. St. @ Minnesota

Oregon @ Stanford
Wake Forest @ Georgia Tech
Michigan @ Purdue
Houston @ Tulsa
Texas A&M @ Colorado
FSU @ Clemson
LSU @ Alabama
Oklahoma @ Nebraska
UConn @ Cincinnati
Washington @ UCLA

Nebraska @ Kansas
Iowa @ Ohio State
Mich. State @ Purdue
Tennessee @ Ole Miss
Auburn @ Georgia

Colorado @ Oklahoma State

Maryland @ FSU
Cal @ Stanford
Oregon @ Arizona
Wisconsin @ Northwestern
UConn @ Notre Dame
Kentucky @ Georgia
LSU @ Ole Miss

Texas @ Texas A&M

Pitt @ West Virginia
Alabama @ Auburn

UNC @ NC State
Tennessee @ Kentucky
FSU @ Florida
Missouri @ Kansas
Utah @ BYU
Arkansas @ LSU
Georgia @ Georgia Tech
Notre Dame @ Stanford

Oregon State @ Oregon

Cincinnati @ Pitt
Conf. USA Champ East Carolina vs Houston
SEC Champ. Alabama vs Florida
Arizona @ USC
USF @ UConn
Fresno St. @ Illinois
ACC Champ. Georgia Tech vs Clemson
Big 12 Champ. Texas vs Nebraska

Bowl Season
12/19/09 New Mexico Bowl Wyoming vs Fresno State
12/30/09 Humanitarian Idaho vs Bowling Green
12/30/10 Holiday Nebraska vs Arizona
12/31/09 Sun Bowl Oklahoma vs Stanford
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1/1/10 Outback Auburn vs Northwestern
1/1/10 FSU vs West Virginia
1/1/10 Capital 1 Bowl Penn State vs LSU
1/1/10 Rose Ohio State vs Oregon
1/1/10 Florida vs Cincinnati
1/2/10 Alamo Bowl Texas Tech vs Michigan State
1/4/10 Fiesta Boise State vs TCU
1/5/10 Orange Bowl Iowa vs Georgia Tech
1/6/10 GMAC Cent. Michigan vs Troy
1/7/10 BCS Title Alabama vs Texas
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