poem noun a piece of writing that partakes of the nature of both speech and song, and that is usually rhythmical and metaphorical.

And still.

It is lost. Drifted away on the wind of what will be. Through the tears of knowledge we see the time when destiny began. The pain of loss is settled now in the soul of a nation. Winding across the clear cut forest of our belief to the absence foretold. And still. And still. There is the flicker of a sunrise through the smoke of a battle began at the dawn of man. It is the hope of a life that lasts. It is the answer for the one and for the many. And it is rising, rising into the full day, filling the chasm of what must pass. And still. And still. There is the flicker of a sunrise rising, rising into the full day. Bursting forth out of a raging ocean to reveal what was always beyond. The flicker of a sunrise rising, rising into eternity.

© 2012 Wasted Space Publishing

Obscuring the Big Picture

It’s not enough to recognize my weaknesses. There has to be more than that. I have to do more than see the problems. Solutions are what it’s all about. Still, the day to day sometimes obscures the big picture. Life’s little problems blot out the light. And until I feel more secure You can’t expect me to have any kind of foresight. But that’s just another excuse, another weakness. I have to do more than that. And still I stumble through the problems, My feeble excuses the only solutions about.

© 2012 Wasted Space Publishing

Seek to Know the Mind of God

Waiting for something else to happen, My mind escapes me. It leaves me empty As it floats in ethereal reality. I wait for my mind to return with anticipation, But not hurried. It returns in time With a notion of eternal spirituality. Between the spiritual and the real There is a bridge. It dwells within our mind. It moves where we cannot go. You must first seek the mind of awareness, For God is hidden there. To know him You must seek his infinity. Faith is part of that awareness, But it must not close your mind. God is more than we can comprehend, Be complete in His serenity.

© 2012 Wasted Space Publishing

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