Every picture tells a story – that’s a song by Rod Stewart.

That’s also the power of photography.

A Reminder

A Helping Hand It is in everything we see. It is in everything we do. It is in the hand held out to help a child, the way the suns breaks through the gathering clouds, the naked amazement of something discovered for the first time. Each moment in this every day miracle we call life is a reminder that there is more, a revelation of the everlasting. Did you glimpse it today?

Give Me the Details

Details. Details. Details. All those little details make up the big picture. Universal beauty, universal truth – they are a tapestry of details, and so each one is a glimpse of the whole. Many times I’ll take a picture and find something in it, a small part of the entire frame, that is really what enticed me to take the photograph in the first place. These are the parts that mattered. Life is that way sometimes. We lose sight of what matters, inundated in the wash of everything.

Brothers and Sisters

“You’re stupid!” “I hate you!” That’s what they say, but I don’t think it’s true. I never had a sister, especially a smarty pants older sister, just three brothers. An older brother who was my rival. A younger brother we teased mercilessly. And the baby brother we all wanted to protect. These two have all those relationships wrapped up into one. And as much as they can’t stand each other or know the right buttons to push to make each other mad, they are always the first one each of them turn to when something happens, good or bad. Nothing new about all that, but it sure is fun to watch.

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