Graphic Designs

Color, images, text, media – these are the vernacular of marketing. Do any of these designs speak your language? Send your comments or some of your own work.

Vintage Round Top – Weddings
Junkyard Gypsy. Shabby Chic. Vintage. It's all the rage, and it's a balancing act. In many ways it's a "It can't be wrong" style. She says lots of layered images and graphic doodads. He says less doodads and more strong text and textured elements. Okay, so they're both right, if they are executed properly. And therein lies the rub, capturing what the client sees in their mind's eye. Because unitl you do, it's always wrong.
Ryland Homes – Banners
What does that say? That's the reaction I wanted. It's a word jumble and it makes you stop and look. That's what we're always trying to do, make someone stop and take a closer look at what you're selling.
Thank You Rewards – Poster
People used to get credit cards so they could buy things over time. Now they are just looking for what the credit card company will give them if they use their card – airline miles, cash back, rewards points. Oh, and if you can't pay for all the things you buy, you can keep the rewards and apply for consumer credit protection.
Imperial Homes - Brochure
Closing the sale. That's what it boils down to, and if there was one magic trick to making the deal, even I could do it. But there isn't. I've always thought, though, when you're selling a home, you have to make the buyer see themselves living there. If you can do that, they'll find a way to make the numbers work.
Cypress Christian School – Direct Mail
One of the great things about going to a Christian school is that you don't have to celebrate the "holidays", you get to celebrate Christmas. I hope you'll join me in celebrating God's greatest gift to all of us – His Son. Cradled in a manger. Crucified on a cross. To save you, as if you were the only person in the world.
Parkstone Estate Homes – Direct Mail
You are so special, so unique. This home would never have been built if there wasn't someone like you out there to live in it. Buy that, and you'll buy the house.
Trendmaker Homes – Realtor Ad
New home builders have experienced sales people. They research carefully before they buy land or develop new floor plans. They spend a lot of money advertising their homes. But it's not enough. That's where Realtors come in. Buyers see them as a third party that's on their side, that wouldn't steer them wrong. So, builders spend a lot of money to get Realtors to show their homes, too. Nothing wrong with doing everything you can to keep that sales pipeline moving.