Choosing a home or floorplan. Writing a contract to build.
Getting financed. All the stages of constructing your home.
Even your warranty. It’s all a process.
At Mill Creek Custom Homes it’s a process that will
make you feel right at home, even before you move in.

Contract Process

Now that you have found the Right Home, it is time to make it yours. Our simple contract process will have you enjoying your new home soon. If you have chosen one of our stock plans our professional sales staff will assist you in the contract process. Mill Creek Custom Homes utilizes a standard New Home Construction Contract endorsed by the Texas Real Estate Commission. Three thousand dollars is all it takes to start the process. Once you have completed your purchase contract you will be making selections for your new home in no time.

However, if one of our plans does not meet your needs, we can either modify one for you or design one from scratch. Once again our professional sales staff will assist you in the contract process when all the bids return from our estimating department. Five thousand dollars earnest money starts the process of finding the right home for you.

Financing Process

Financing can be one of the most aggravating parts of building your own home. At Mill Creek Custom Homes we have made it easy for you. The one time close financing process wraps your construction loan, permanent loan and even your lot loan or land loan into one convenient, cost saving package. How does this benefit you?

Save Money: You pay closing fees only once – a significant savings over two-time-close programs, where you pay closing fees for a construction loan and again for a permanent loan.

Convenience: One application. One qualification. One underwriting. One approval. Go through the paperwork only once for your construction and permanent loans!

Lock in the rate before you start: The permanent interest rate can be locked and guaranteed before construction begins. This is especially advantageous if rates are heading up.

Pay Interest-Only During the Construction period, and the interim interest is tax-deductible.

Deal with only one lender during the home building process, eliminating uncertainty and reducing costs.

Keep Control: You sign off and approve advances to the builder.

But wait it gets even better. Mill Creek Custom Homes has a preferred partner that eliminates your need to search for a lender. Texas Capital Lending can assist you in every aspect of your loan and our on-site loan consultant makes it convenient for you. Texas Capital Lending is rate competitive and service oriented. There are many lenders out there that can help you, but only one that understands the process at Mill Creek Custom Homes. Call for a free quote today.

Texas Capital Lending
Christie Abel

Construction Process

As with every other process you will be involved in the construction process. You should have the comfort of knowing that every home built by Mill Creek Custom Homes receives the care and attention of the management team. It starts with a pre-construction meeting with the president of the company, Lance Abel. During this meeting we invite you to give us every concern about your new home. This meeting is designed to set up a smooth and easy construction process.

The next scheduled meeting is before sheet rock. During this meeting you will meet with our construction supervisor to go over every detail of home prior to the sheet rock stage. Any changes that you require will be made at this stage to avoid a more costly retro later.

The final stage of the construction process is a Final Introduction meeting with the Management Team of Mill Creek Custom Homes. Every member involved in the process from sales, finance and construction are invited to attend. This will be the time to order inspections and to address any final concerns you may have. The care and maintenance of the home will be addressed during this meeting along with the warranty process.

Warranty Process

When you purchase a Mill Creek Custom Home you become part of our family. Our mission is to build the Right Home for you the first time. But you also need the security of knowing that if something does go wrong you are covered. At Mill Creek Custom Homes you will be. Our company has a regimented 10 year warranty provided by Mill Creek Custom Homes for the first two years and Homes of Texas RWC for the balance of your warranty period.

The Right Process